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is chad bad---is dad[bush] mad??

now gore ahead in n.m. & oregon??

and how many repubs on S.-COURT 7--to--5?

lets see who has the big-bucks?


-- al-d. (, November 15, 2000


"lets see who has the big-bucks?"

The Bush family OWNS Florida. With brother Jeb and good friend Harris on the payroll, is it any wonder that justice is being ignored?

-- (not.suprised@the.sleaze), November 15, 2000.

What's justice to you? Allowing a fourth count of votes, this time by hand, and deciding whether or not a tiny mark on the ballot constitutes a vote for Gore? It's wide open for cheating, and everyone knows it. In fact, they're already caught someone doing it while the Palm Beach hand count was going on...there's no WAY you can get a FAIR count from that. No Way. The machine counts, and recounts, and recounts should be more than enough. CHEATER CHEATER!

-- kritter (, November 15, 2000.


Careful there, hon -

some of those chads were pregnant, you know...

-- flora (***@__._), November 15, 2000.

Cheater?? Sheeesh, gimme a break.

I was referring to the actions of Miss Harris, the Republican (who, it just so happens, used to be a campaign manager for Bush).

Yesterday she was told by the judge that the hand recounts would be allowed to continue, and that she was obligated to give the updated ballot counts due consideration, without being arbitrary.

Today, she files an emergency case to stop the recounts, after the judge just told her yesterday that they were to be permitted. The court says no, so what does she do? She gets pissed, and a couple of hours later, refuses to even consider the updated ballot counts submitted by several counties.

We haven't seen justice yet in this election, and if the Bush's and their friends get their way, we NEVER WILL.

-- (cool@your.jets), November 15, 2000.

I think Denny Hastert will make a pretty good prez. New name? Heh, heh.

-- Carlos (, November 15, 2000.

Denny Hastert? Never happen.

According to the Constitution, a majority of electors will vote on Dec. 18, with or without Florida. If Florida is still tied up in court cases, Gore would be elected.

-- (sorry.denny@won't.happen), November 16, 2000.

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