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I have an Interview for Shelter and they would like me to give a presentation on "The process of a lenders recovery of possession of a mortgaged property due to repayment arrears", any help would be greatly recieved.

I understand The Court proceedings etc, but what is the time scale for warning letters before that? Do the lenders have standard letters?If so what are they like ? How many do they send ? Are all the lenders the same in their reactions ? Are there any other sites that may help me ?

Thank You.

-- Sarah Ifans (, November 15, 2000


Sarah, As you understand the repossession process please can you explain it to me. Around 10 years ago my old flat was repossessed without me being given any notification despite the Halifax knowing my contact address (my ex partner still lived in the flat). A letter I have just received from the solicitors as past of on going correspondence says that they do not have a money order judgement as no court proceedings ever took place. Did they have to go to court to repossess etc. Any advise or knowledge would be greatly received.

-- Matt (, November 16, 2000.

The parts of this site titled 'Arrears' and 'Repossession' are very useful, as are many of the case studies supplied by repossessees. I don't know of any other web site that contains information of this nature provided by people who have actually been repossessed (and are still experiencing the repercussions up to 12 years later).

-- Eleanor Scott (, November 16, 2000.

Hi Sarah,

I wish you well with your interview, it certainly shows how resourceful you are at seeking out information for your presentation and that alone deserves recognition by your possible future employers. I think it is a very worthwhile task but I would point out lenders vary vastly in their tactics. I believe that as a result of your research within this web site you will probably become more aware of the actions of lenders in regard to repossession than the average employee of the lenders is.

I believe that if you had asked for information from most lenders you would have received the standard press releases on how they care etc. etc. "oh and by the way repossessions are decreasing, probably only a couple of 1,000 a month now nationally"

The pooled experiences of many people who have been repossessed lie within the pages of this web site but if you also trawl through this Q&A forum you will probably find specific details for each lender that have not yet been incorporated into the permanent pages. It's a mammoth task for you I know but I'm sure it will be an eye opener and can only be of benefit to you and those you come into contact with if you get the job. The more people out there that know the facts the better!

Good Luck Again!

-- Tony Hayter (, November 16, 2000.

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