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Hello. I am trying very hard to find 116 film for my #2 brownie. I found a link to centeralcamera.com, but the site is not running. Where can I find a place that sells/developes 116 film and what can I expect the film and developing to cost? Thanks, Steve

-- Steve Teeple (hobbit717@webtv.net), November 14, 2000


Re : 116 film

With the apparent disappearance of Central Camera Co. there is no source that I am aware of for 116 film ... BTW ... a No.2 Brownie uses 120 film, perhaps it's a No.2A you've got?

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), November 15, 2000.

Re :116 Film (update)

Central Camera Co.'s web-site has re-appeared !! Check out http://www.central-camera.com/film/film_for_older_cameras.htm

They've got 116 listed at $21.95 a roll ... so you'll need to be sure your camera is functioning correctly at over $2 a frame

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), November 16, 2000.

check out

www.arvidio.com its 1.00 a roll there (expired)


www.photomall.com/ffc2.htm (fresh)

-- (fishboy999@wowmail.com), May 22, 2002.

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