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To those of you who are computer saavy, wondering what "jmegiddo" on a web address might mean? I know about megiddo. Would it mean the site was a "monitored" site? The web address is a forum on a conservative web site. Not paranoid... yet...just cautious.

-- cautious citizen (, November 14, 2000


Hey the feds are smarter than that. They'd think of some really harmless sounding name to throw you off. Like NSA_KEY.

-- Agent 98 (, November 14, 2000.

LOL, there are more of us, then there are of them! Now, if I can get my own stupid chickens to swarm. With Shotgun, in hand.

-- Smoke the waves (with@ddress to, November 14, 2000.

Let me guess. Someone saw this and now we've drawn the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

-- Bemused middle (of@the.roader), November 15, 2000.

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