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We are Architects and we have a client that needs an elevator to be installed in an existing building that can have a shaft that will be only 55 inches wide. The elevator will make 7 stops for a total travel of 67 feet.

Is there such an animal and who can make it and install it in NYC?

We will build the shaft but the narrower the shaft the easier it will be to build. There allready is one elevator in this old building but they need another.

Any help will will be greatly appreciated.

Ed Lauria

-- Edward Lauria (, November 14, 2000


Typically, you would deduct 1'-8" from the shaft width, for a net inside of 35". A bit more could be squeezed out, but the question is will the result be of any practical use.

To answer that question, need more data.

What is the proposed use (i.e., passengers or freight?)

Any limits on the depth?

If freight, what will be hauled? How wide is it?

If people, what kind of building? What is the Building population?

-- John Brannon (, November 14, 2000.

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