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Does anyone know when the new series of ER will start in the UK either on Sky One or on Channel 4? THanx for any help Luv Kate

-- Kate Measor (, November 14, 2000


I think this has been answered somewhere already, but anyway. Basically, Sky One didn't bid enough money for the rights, so they're not showing it. Channel 4 won the bid, so they're going to put ER on a new subscription only digital channel first. The channel's called E4 and it launches (supposedly) on January 18th. The schedules aren't confirmed yet, but apparantly they'll show ER from the launch. Then, Channel 4 will probably show it about 6 months later, in July. Nothing is finalised, and all Channel 4 can say is, and I quote, "Why not try e-mailing us again closer to the time." Sorry I can't give you any definite news.

-- Tori (, November 14, 2000.

Well if you can receive the Irish station RTE - I know some places in Wales can - they are showing the new series ahead of Sky and E4 as well. They are on their 3rd episode now.

-- Roy (, January 21, 2001.

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