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-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000


My God... A short announcement just appeared on NOS Teletekst, saying that Pipo broke a metatarsal during Tuesday's traininf and will be out for 2.5 months... That's very sad for him, because he was just kind of coming back into the team... I'll wait for the full scoop on and then write a news report.

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2003

AT5's website is reporting that Pipo will be out two weeks with an ankle injury.This injury comes "courtesy of(SARCASM ADDED)" the cheap shot from Paul "Paully Hatchet" Bosvelt this past Sunday.So, add to Pipo's name to the list of players, including Dennis Irwin, put out of commission by the F-word hatchet man.With any luck, this clown will go one on one with Frankenstijn Vreven at some point this year.They can take each other out.

Thank heavens for the break in the schedule.It appears Pipo may not be fit for AZ. Hopefully, he will be for the Rosenborg game.He has been in good form of late so it would be a shame for player and team if he missed out.Get well Pipo!

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

Oh, I forgot Van der Gun. He can be the stand-in right winger as well. I don't really know what to think of him right now. He's played surprisignly well in pre-season, so I guess we should keep him for a while. Actually: to me, he's the second right winger, in the 'shadow line-up'. Ikedia goes to the latter half of the 'left overs' (the 'for sale' part).

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

I think you're right (theoretically), but in practice (read: in Koeman's eyes) I think Wampie is now officially screwed. That is: he will most definitely lose his spot in the line-up, and will be regarded as a stand-in left winger from now on.

Koeman wanted double occupation for every position. An extra left winger was required, because we only had one (and, indeed, not even one who's at his best over there).

I think, roughly, these are Koeman's starting eleven:

Lobont; Trabelsi, Chivu, Bergdųlmo, O'Brien; Van Halst, Van der Vaart, Maxwell; Van der Meyde, Mido, Sikora.

And, roughly, this would be the 'shadow line-up':

Didulica; Yakubu, Heitinga, Pasanen, Van Damme; Galįsek, Pienaar, Witschge; Ikedia, Machlas, Wamberto.

The 'left overs' would be: Stekelenburg, Zlatan, Seedorf, Rafaėl, Cruz, Winter, De Cler, Knopper, Vierklau. If you ask me, the first five (in italics) should stay. The last four can go hit the pavement, for all I care.

I wouldn't mind selling Ikedia either, by the way. His moves are great, but his finishing, his crosses and his 'tactical intelligence' suck big time. And he doesn't seem to learn, honestly. We don't really need an extra right winger, tho. Ajax can always revert to a 4- 4-2 type formation. Also, Wamberto and Sikora are both right footers, who can play at the right if need be.

All in all: I really think this is a good team. With these, say, 25 lads, I think we're as good as we could possibly be this year. And I don't think we'd have to be afraid of the average (repeat the *average*) Champions League participant.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

OK now that the fat lady has now sung and Sikora is joining us, where does this leave Wampie ? Last season his most impressive performances were in a central midfield role, so why not move him back there instead of one of the WiWis. His performances last year after the winter break and in particular after Raffy's injury did tail off alarmingly, but I believe that Koeman should give it another go.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2002

I believe the signing of a new deal gives Ajax excellent depth at left wing. However, I don't believe Wamberto is a better first choice than Victor Sikora. It is a good move for Wampie too if, as was reported before, he is still pursuing a Belgian passport or citizenship.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2002

This is from Ajax

"During the winter break, Wamberto has returned to Brazil for a few days, so he could visit his father, who's sick. During his stay, the Ajax forward performed in a benefit game in his city of birth, Sao Luis. Both teams consisted of players from th Brazilian state of Maranhao. Spectators could only purchase a ticket by paying one kilo of food for the people of Maranhao, one of Brazil's poorest states.

Wamberto, who is regarded as a local hero in Maranhao, played the full game and was one of the best players on the pitch. The Ajax winger scored the 3rd goal (a beautiful lob over the goalkeeper) in the 3-3 draw and was involved in every goal of his team. More important than the result, was of course the attendance. Which was impressive: 19,000 spectators."

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

Wamberto has been named by Fox Sports World as their "Eredivisie Player of the Year 2001". The announcement was made at the finale of their "Best of Eredivisie 2001" show, first aired December 29, 2001 on the cable-network channel. Rafael van der Vaart was also among the five finalists for the 'award.'

The award and "best of" show are apparently some odd by-products of FSW's need to fill air-time and retain Eredivisie viewers during the month-long winter break. It's unclear whether consideration was given to a player's performance during the latter half of the prior season, which would be strange indeed. However, the "highlights" portion of the program included footage from the latter half of the 2000-2001 season.

FSW is available to viewers in the United States and Canada via digital cable and satellite providers. [More info]

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2001

Hallo Wamberto, Hoe is het met je? Wij hopen dat je nog een hele lange tijd bij ons blijft. Veel geluk bij alles. Ook met jouw muzicale talenten. Hou je haaks en tot in de Arena. Hasta la vista et adius.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2001

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