Wisconsin: You Can Only Vote Once? Wisconsin Students Boast to Voting Multiple Times

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You Can Only Vote Once? Wisconsin Students Boast to Voting Multiple Times

A canvass by the Marquette University campus newspaper, the Tribune, found 141 students who admitted to voting more than once B a felony offense B in last weekBs presidential election. (ABCNEWS.com)

By Brian Ross

Nov. 13 B In Wisconsin, Al Gore leads George W. Bush by about 6,000 votes, but Republicans there have raised the possibility they will charge voter fraud, and MilwaukeeBs Democratic district attorney is investigating. Dozens of students at Marquette University in Milwaukee are now openly boasting they voted more than once on Nov. 7. BI realized it wouldnBt be impossible for me to vote again, so thatBs what I did,B said one student who wished to remain nameless despite appearing on camera for World News Tonight. BI ended up voting four times that day for myself.B ItBs not known who got the extra votes, but students say officials did little to prevent it. BTheir IDs werenBt being checked, proof of address wasnBt being checked,B said Michael McGraw, an editor for the Tribune campus newspaper, who says a canvass by Tribune reporters found 141 students who admitted to voting more than once B a felony offense. BIt kind of struck them, like, Bfelony offense? What are you talking about? I just voted twice, thatBs not a big deal.BB

Trading a Smoke for a Vote Also under investigation are allegations that the Gore campaign used cigarettes to get residents of homeless shelters to vote. BNow thatBs a criminal act if itBs proven,B says Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann. BItBs bribery.B The ABC affiliate in Milwaukee caught Gore campaign workers handing out cigarettes to homeless residents after they had been brought to a polling place to vote. Connie Milstein, a major Gore supporter and the wife of a New York multimillionaire, told the station she had been asked by the Gore campaign to come to Milwaukee. BWisconsin is a very key state for the Democratic Party,B explained Milstein. BIBm here representing the Gore-Lieberman campaign.B The district attorney says there is evidence the Democratic group went to at least three homeless shelters, where residents said cigarettes were used to get them to vote. Willy Jackson, who is currently staying at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, voted for the first time. BTo sell out for a pack of cigarettes,B he said. BThat just donBt seem right.B Today, outside her Park Avenue home in New York, Milstein said she had done nothing wrong. BIBm an ordinary Park Avenue matron.B She insisted she was in Milwaukee as Ban ordinary campaign worker.B Milstein would not say who sent her to Milwaukee, and the Democratic Party maintains she went to the homeless shelters on her own.

-- K (infosurf@yahoo.com), November 14, 2000

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