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Oops. I didn't make myself clear. What I needed to know re: the buttons was how to get the bur out of the skull without damaging the bur. It's a beautiful rosette looking circle that polishes to a gentle luster. The ones I've seen in specialty stores are very expensive. Since the buck was rather small these were only about the size of a nickel.

I've done disc buttons before but appreciate all of you taking time to answer. As far as putting the shank on a bur button, get the smallest eye bolts you can find, screw them into a close grain wood scrap, maybe secured in a vise while you work, cut a bit off the loop and using needle nose pliers, bend the remaining loop closed. You may have to cut off a bit from the end of the screw portion if it's too long for the thickness of the button. Drill a pilot hole for it and use a tiny dab of glue on the threads if necessary. Use a tiny collar button on the back side of the garment and sew through both the shank and the button to attach and support the heavier button.

Thanks again.

-- marilyn (, November 14, 2000


While growing the antlers are held to the skull with a fiber-like structure which includes blood vessels for growth of the velvet. Once the velvet stops, the blood vessels essentially wither away; however, the fibers still hold on the antlers strong enough to withstand stag fights. It is only after the mating season the body triggers a response for the fibers to die, allowing the antlers to either be shed or rubbed off. Thus, I think the knob buttons are only from found antlers, and not from a recently killed one. Perhaps you might try sawing off the top of the skull and letting it complete dry out. The antlers might come off then.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, November 14, 2000.

Hi Marilyn,

I believe what you are talking about are called rosettes. Sounds like you are planning to use them in reverse of what I usually see out here in the West. They have pictures of rosettes at the following site and several for sale. Elk are from $1.50 to 15.00 depending upon size; Mule Deer 2" diameter is $3.50; White Tail Deer are priced from $1.00 to 5.00, again depending on size and quality.

Moscow Hide and Fur

-- JLS in NW AZ (, November 14, 2000.

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