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In the last 2 weeks the fox problem has become quit bad , are they just getting ready for winter? I have lost are 18 chickens,all were freerange and almost wild none from the henhouse are gone.I know once they find food they come back but these guys seem to be telling all their friends too! we hid out last night and counted 12 in just our yard,we let the dogs out and they each got one,should we leave the dead ones around? thanks

-- renee oneill{md.} (, November 14, 2000


Renee, is there a way you can leave a few big dogs outside all the time, preferable loose? We have a lot of fox and coyote both, but I keep the German Shepard and the Akita loose at all times, they have the surrounding "territory" well marked, and I have never seen a fox or coyote enter the marked territory yet, been here 5 years now. The fox and coyote aren't too dumb, they would rather avoid a confrontation with several large dogs, there is plenty of easier prey to get in the woods instead. Use your dogs as a deterrent outside, but keep their rabies and 7-way vaccines up to date, foxes harbor leptospirosis, and can pass that on to your dogs. Remove the dead foxes as soon as possible because of this. Annie in SE OH.

-- Annie Miller (, November 14, 2000.

It's too bad about your chickens. Maybe if you have an hunting club or sportsmen club in your area they might be more than willing to help you get rid of your "problem", or they might know of someone who can. This might be an alternative to hiring a pest control co., and cheaper. You can be in control of who helps with the foxes, not that you are worried about a yard full of hunters. Just be careful with your dogs, that they don't get hurt. And bury or burn the carcasses just incase one of them are rabid, you don't want the dogs getting into them.

-- Mark & Michelle Goetsch (, November 21, 2000.

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