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hello, i was thinking of getting an aftermarket exhaust for my dad's mv agusta strada but i have no idea what make manufactures such aftermarket parts.what are some of the few brands out there that makes aftermarket exhausts for the mv?what can i expect from an aftermaret exhaust?will it give me more top end?more mid range?does anyone know?


-- kevin chin (, November 14, 2000


There are a few sites out there. However, mostly european. MVs Superbike racing at 102 columbia place dr. Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516. (919)740 9996 carries a variety pipes and performance parts. You'll be pleased. p.s I believe the email address is

-- andy parker (, November 14, 2000.

The internet site address mentioned above leads to nothing. The phone number (919)740 9996 is an inactive cell phone number. Any more clues on what the company name is?


-- Mark Westlake (, November 15, 2000. has a carbon exhaust with chip for 600 pounds. mv racing sells ducati parts.

-- Brent Van Tassel (, November 27, 2000.

I inquired with QB Carbon about the exhaust and chip combo. They informed me that they have no idea what kind of performance gains the system makes. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't understand how you can re-map a fuel injection system to work with a free-flow exhaust and not use a dyno to verify that you're actually improving something. Scary. I'll wait until someone can show me development numbers.

-- Mark (, November 30, 2000.

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