i-link on DSRPd100a?

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I've been researching the newly released Sony DSRPD100a Camcorder (a descendant of the original DSRPD100 and a cousin to the TRV900) and I never once noticed the mention of an i-link cable or any other method of connecting to the computer other than a Memory Stick. I was just wondering if there was an i-link port on the DSRP100a. Thanks

-- Ian MacPhee (morphium@pacbell.net), November 14, 2000


Yes, the PD-100A does have an i-link port for video transfers. If you want to transfer still pictures from the memory stick, the camera comes with a pc adapter for the memory stick. This is a wonderful camera for the money.

-- Jonathan Cunningham (jcunningham@fvpnc.com), June 06, 2002.

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