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-- Anonymous, November 14, 2000


Andy Van der Myde a name of a world class footballer. A true talent that if given full chance by Koeman would push ajax to the top of world clubs...Again the dueo MYDE and MIDO will have a great impact on European foot ball in the near future...

-- Anonymous, October 23, 2002

VAN DER MEYDE was superb yesterday against AZ , surely man of the match

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2002

VAN DER MEYDE was superb yesterday , surely man of the match

-- Anonymous, October 20, 2002

I was reading that Van Der Meyde has been targeted by Lazio. Roberto Mancini has a an eye for the young Dutch talent. Let the rumors begin.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

Yeah I know...... already bought myself a Mont Blanc Executive bag for RM 60, which is roughly $15!

As long as you keep this between the "both of us"..... i'm in the clear;-)

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002


One thing about those "fake" designer goods - some are so well made that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between the originals. Hence the reason why there's so many of them around. And the price is so much cheaper that it makes it almost irresistable to many, locals & tourists alike. As you may have already discovered, there are even fake CD's, DVD's, hardware & software computer items etc etc. The piracy and copyright laws are completely out of control in the entire SE Asia.

And see ... all this "inside stuff" info on travel can be found in the ........"VAN DER MEYDE FORUM" !!

Andy should feel so lucky, there's a wealth of information here on this threads! :-D

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Well, sorry for breaking your cover on those fabulous designer goods that are so aplentiful in SE Asia ;-}

I was born in KL but now I live in New Jersey/Philly area. Anyhow, enjoy your holiday and watch out for those non-halal foods !!

Cheers mate.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Ray, had enough of good old Cairo so decided to take a couple of weeks off and go to KL.

You wrote: "Btw, don't bother watching local football, (if the thought had ever occured in your mind...) it sucks."

I actualy asked around about the local league but got the same response as yours.... so have only been allowed to watch the Premiership. I actualy saw a guy wearing the Ajax blue away shirt yesterday!

Your wrote: "And don't fall for the tourist traps; almost *everything* sold at night markets are fake. (think you're really getting a Gucci wallet eh ??)"

Well you just blew my cover! I was planning on going back to Cairo packed up with designer clothes, accessories and bags and impress the ladies..... but now i'll have to stick with the China Town labels! :))

Your wrote: "And it's true - all the best foods are sold at hawker stalls, usually next to the smelly monsoon drains."

Well let me tell you this, everything i've tasted so far is fantastic.... I love the food!

I'm staying in Damansara, but I go down to KL everyday, so let me know if you'd like to meet up.

- Karim

ps: does any of this have anything to do with van der Meyde?! :)

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Hey Karim, What brings you to M'sia - business or pleasure ? Btw, don't bother watching local football, (if the thought had ever occured in your mind...) it sucks. We're good at ...err...badminton. And men's field hockey.

And don't fall for the tourist traps; almost *everything* sold at night markets are fake. (think you're really getting a Gucci wallet eh ??) And it's true - all the best foods are sold at hawker stalls, usually next to the smelly monsoon drains.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

I just took a look at the article ,on,about today's training session.Good news about Andy.It seems he is feeling better as he was at training today. Between players away on international duty and a spate of injuries, only 10 players are listed: Andy van der Meyde, Mido, Richard Witschge, Aron Winter, Nikos Machlas,Steven Pienaar, Jan van Halst, Norodin Boukhari, and Stefano Seedorf. Maarten Stekelenburg reportedly worked with keeper's coach Will Coort.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2002

eh karim how is malaysia....see what koeman is doing to ajax? He is benching the best two players in his team, Vander myde and Mido...i dont know what is wrong with that man, he even said shit about mido (his player) to the media after feyenoord game...what a coach you are Koeman?? Hopefully Andy and Mido will prove to koeman that they are definetly deserve a place in the starting lineup...

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

Laban... eh el halawa di...... greetings from Malaysia!

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

i have to admit that Andy Vander Myde is a great talent that still did not take its full chance in ajax. Vander Myde is by far one of the most talented right midfielders in europe at that time, but it looks like koeman does not understand that!! Vander Myde along with Mido made a tremendous impact on the ajax's win of the league and the cup last season...Luckily enough both players are substitutes this season!! i dont really understand what koeman want, but let us wait and see...GO Ajax, GO Vander Myde and GO MIdo...

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2002

hey andy ik wil ff zeggen topie hoe je bent en hoe je speeld en dat uit het enige echte arnhemmmm en nog bedank voor die mooie foto en je handtekening xxx

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Okay, opinion's may differ, but I just GOT to disagree with you on that one! I mean, vdMeyde is still in developing stages, it's only since the second half of the season he actually started showing us he CAN play good matches, hadn't passed an opponent without tripping on either the ball, the opponent's feet, or his own shoelaces. Let's just hope he keeps developing in the same matter, and he might actually become a solid, consistent right-winger. I sure as hell hope so, even if it might not seem this way. He has a lot of potential, now it's time to wait for him to fulfill it.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

I think Andy was the team's best player last season. He is a big talent who got to make his Oranje debut, and this should help him develop into a real big player.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2002

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSsssssssss andy van der meyde was zondag echt GOED!!! lekkerding... ;)

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2002

Went to the game sunday, good to see Andy play very well. Amazing to see his talents in person, he was by far the best ball handler on the field and his goal was well deserved. I managed to get front row seats right behind the Dutch bench, and Andy was cool enough to autograph my AJAX jersey and even gave his warm-up jersey to a kid next to me. A class act!

-- Anonymous, May 21, 2002

Congratulations to Andy on his first ever international goal in his first Cap! As sad as I was to see the US lose a game that they controller from start to finish, I'm very happy for van der Meyde.

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2002

Andy van der Meijde Ajax-player of this year? In the Netherlands they don't think so! They said that Van der Vaart is really good. He is TALENT VAN HET JAAR. ( talent of the year) xxx ellen

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2002

Andy has finally made the Oranje squad that will be playing here in the U.S. on May 19th in Foxboro.

Much deserved I say. No Overmars and R. De Boer who have been plaqued with injury, therefore their respective form has gone down this year. Van Der Meyde has really lifted his game this season and I do not think it would be a reach calling him Ajax's player of the year.

Congrats to Andy!

P.S. No Seedorf again? Why Dick I have to ask?

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2002

andy van der meijde is echt wel vet lekker he??????? hij staat wel een beetje raar op de foto maar ag..... dag! xxx ellen

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2002

Van der Meyde didn't receive a yellow card last match against Heerenveen so no reason why he should be suspended against psv. But *if* he gets another yellow one he will be suspended for the next match.

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

Is Andy suspended for the PSV match? If so his loss will be felt I am afraid.

Finally regarding the upcoming clash, I think its about time we won a match of signifigance.


-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

Glad to read that Van Der Meyde signed until 2005. He has become one of the top players in the team and I think this is a good move for both him and Ajax as after 2005 he will be ready for a big money move.

Very positive to see a young guy not leave at the wrong moment.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2002

I hope this story about Van Der Meyde leaving is false. He has been one of the top players if not the best player for Ajax this season.

He has really developed into a high caliber player who is probably on the verge of a full Holland callup.

His loss would be the club's loss big time.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Just saw AT5, it seems that Andy will be leaving us after 2003, or probably at the end of the season, knowing Van Os and Van Praag.

He now earns less than US$50k a year, and he wants a substantial raise, Ajax is not prepared to grant him one, I don't know what they offered. But it's a pity, Andy seems to develop quite promisingly...

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Things can change fast...

Yesterday I wrote: "An agreement has not been reached yet, but chairman Michael van Praag told AT5 Television that he expects both parties to reach an agreement soon."

However, AT5 Text reports today that Andy van der Meyde is not satisfied about the negotiations at all, and that there is a fair chance that Ajax and Van der Meyde will not reach an agreement. According to AT5 Text, a Van der Meyde departure "seems inevitable". The right winger still has a one year contract with Ajax.

* * *

I really wouldn't know what's true and what's not...

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Ajax and Andy van der Meyde are currently negotiating about extending the right winger's contract with Ajax. Van der Meyde's contract expires after the current season, and Ajax does not want to lose him. An agreement has not been reached yet, but chairman Michael van Praag told AT5 Television that he expects both parties to reach an agreement soon.

The contracts of Wamberto and reserve goalkeeper Joey Didulica expire in the summer of 2003. Negotiations with those two players have commenced as well. Ajax would like Wamberto and Didulica to sign new contracts until 2005.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Andy van der Meyde is young player, he still got A lot to learn, I consider myself as his biggest fan, but i see that at this point he is acting to over convedant, his ego is bigger than his head. I hope Koeman can tone him down.

-- Anonymous, December 26, 2001

In our interview of Kees Zwamborn in April 2000, this is what he had to say about Andy van der Meyde. He was referring to the 'P' in TIPS, which stands for "Talent, Intelligence, Personality and Speed".
And so when you see van der Meyde (draws a circle around the P) -- that's the problem. P is a very big problem. And van der Meyde, he has everything ... he's fast, he's strong, he can play out to the corner very well, with a very good center (cross). But (taps the P) that's the problem.
And, at the time, I think he was right. Van der Meyde had all the tools, but he seemed to lack the confidence, the swagger of a true Ajax winger. He seemed incapable of beating inferior defenders one one one.

Well, yesterday's game showed that he has 'acquired the P' in a big big way. (That sounds silly, but...) He was confident, creative, and oh-so skillful with the ball! He was a major danger to Vitesse all night long. I even saw him smiling, at the end of the game. I have *never* seen Andy vd Meyde smile before. It was awesome.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

I fully agree with Rich.

There is no reason in the world why Andy would be better off at Sunderland. They're not a bigger club, they will most definitely not more win more trophies than Ajax in the future (neither domestically nor internationally), they don't have a bigger stadium or more fans, he will definitely not become a better player there than he will at Ajax and I don't even think he'll make bigger money over there (it's not Man-U, Liverpool or Arsenal, remember?). The only good thing about it, would be the bigger league he'd then be performing in.

There's really no reason in the world - and quite simply, that's why I think he won't do it. He's not crazy.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

I read another Sunderland link for Van Der Meyde. I think he would be making a huge mistake as he is starting to fulfill his vast potential with Ajax. He is only 22 and it would be wrong of him to leave Ajax for another country.

It mentioned that his contract is up in a 1 1/2 and that he is not going to resign. Again I say I hope this is wrong, and even if its true I hope Andy has enough sense to realize he is better off at Ajax for now.

I really think he could be an international player for Holland in the future as he is shows good pace, he likes to take guys on, and decent crossing as well.

-- Anonymous, December 20, 2001

Another report about the Sunderland rumor. This is so stupid. They report it as if it's a done deal. So lame the way some places 'manufacture' truth...
Ajax winger for Sunderland
19/12/01 11:58:16
Problems for Jason McAteer and Kevin Kilbane - Ajax winger Andy van der Meyde is set to join Sunderland in a 3 million pound deal - the Holland under 21 international is two footed and can perform on both flanks - aside from the 2 Irish Claudio Reyna and Julio Arca also in contention for a wing berth.

-- Anonymous, December 19, 2001

Reported in The Times on Sunday November 11 2001 that Sunderland are interested in signing Andy van der Meyde for 2.5 million. Why on earth would he want leave a team that is going places to go with a team that has never been or ever will go places ? Not that I am biased about Sunderland at all with one side of the family all coming from Newcastle, a lot of my childhood spent in Newcastle and being taken to see Newcastle play by my Father whenever they played in the South.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2001

According to, Van der Meyde is suspended in Thursday's crucial game at RKC Waalwijk. He received his fifth yellow card of the season this Friday against NAC (which is, by the way, an awful lot for a right winger - especially since I never see Andy van der Meyde being tough in a physical duel with his opponent).

Anyway: Pius Ikedia is back anyway, and he made the difference against NAC with a handful of good runs on the right wing. Andy van der Meyde had been completely invisible before that. I am glad we'll probably be playing with Ikedia in the starting line-up on Thursday.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Ajax will have to miss out on Van der Meyde this Sunday, at FC Groningen. He received his third yellow card against RBC Roosendaal and is suspended for one game.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2001

That's right: Andy van der Meyde was not in the team, nor on the bench against Willem II. Strange, because Co Adriaanse said he was satisfed with Andy's most recent performances.

So, what's going on? Here's a very spicy piece of gossip for you... (saw this on Ajax Mania's discussion forum)

Two weeks ago, a nude photo series of Andy van der Meyde's (quite pretty) sister was published in 'Aktueel' magazine. She wore one piece of clothing on some of the pictures: an Ajax shirt. The club was not amused, seeing a naked woman in Ajax shirt on the cover of an adult men's magazine.

According to the rumors, some players made some remarks in the dressing room about Andy's sister. They were probably not so flattering, because apparently, Andy freaked out. No-one in the discussion topic seems to know what happened, but everyone seems convinced that Co Adriaanse decided to ban Andy from the team for a game or two.

Last Sunday, a journalist asked Adriaanse what had happened to Van der Meyde. Co said: "I am not going there with you right now."

My personal opinion? For some reason, I believe it. It definitely makes sense.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2001

Andy wasn't even on the bench today when Willem came to the ArenA. What does this mean for his status?

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2001

I like van der meyde more than ikedia because he passes better. Ok, so he doesn't dribble as well as ikedia but almost as good. Plus he's from the ajax youth, and every game he played for ajax so far he played excellent, with the exception of PSV but then he played in defence.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2000

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