If Bush gets in, expect 4 years of hypocrisy

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Wasn't Bush the guy who kept saying during his campaign that he wanted to take authority away from big Federal Government and put it into the hands of the States? He even blasted Gore for talking as if Social Security was a Federal program, which it is.

Now, he takes his case to a Federal court to attempt to overrule the authority of an election issue which is clearly under the authority of the State of Florida.

This is the kind of totally self-serving hypocritical behavior you can expect if he gets in. My guess is that it won't be long at all before those who voted for him deeply regret the foolishness of their actions.

-- (it's.the@hypocrisy.stupid!), November 13, 2000


I'm also sure that most Gore supporters are ashamed of the foolishness of their decision. Except for you, you seem to be wallowing in it.

-- farmers' market (darn@good.apples), November 13, 2000.

No matter who gets in, I expect hypocrisy from the government for the rest of my life. Governments are amoral, pursuing one short-term goal after another, without memory or vision, using whatever technique seems most likely to work right now. Live with it.

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), November 13, 2000.

Clinton was not hypocritical, he did exactly what he said he would do and much more. I like a president who gets his knob polished once in a while, especially if he isn't a hypocrite.

-- Larry Flynt (Clinton@for4.more), November 13, 2000.

From EZboard voter:

"Gee W. Bush, at least, tuusts the people, that is, until they vote for Gore. Then he trusts the Federal Courts, until they rule against him. Then he trusts the U.N.? Will he then apply to U.N. to stop the people of American from counting their votes?

I for one am disgusted. I voted for the two-faced bastard in a moment of weakness and wish I could retract it now that I have seen just how he really does business. Using the federal courts against the people of his brother's state! That is klintoonesque! I never would have believed it prior to the election if a million people swore to it. This was my man for state's rights! Well so now that truth is out of the bag.

And what about the stories coming out of EU papers that they have evidence that G. W. was busted in '94 for DUI in Arizona in the company of women not his wife, AND that he ran over an endangered species (listened to this on SW and missed what species it was) in the process. They could not take it off his record as it did not occur in one of their states so they did the next best thing and gave him a new Texas drivers' license in 1994 under the pretense that his license did not say Governor! Supposedly two london papers have paid for the story of the cop who busted him as well as the Texas license guy who did the license creation as well as wiping out any association with the old drivers' license number. And a French paper has printed that they have proof that Bush avoided serving the last 2 years of his Air Force Reserve service. The speculation is that he could not take the flight school physical due to the mandatory drug test.

Anyway wish I had stuck with my original intention to vote libertarian. Oh well, screwed over once again by a republican. Never, never again."

-- (republicans made @ big. mistake), November 14, 2000.

Instead of being hypocritical, consider that Bush may have been working to get ALGORE to take a position that the deadline date for a recount could be extended. See the post about 6 posts above this one about Gore and the Secretary of State. This may provide time for a statewide hand recount that will benefit the Republicians that would not have been available last week without this masterstroke.

-- Jeff (JAL@wow.gub), November 14, 2000.

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