Gore has no clue! What a dork!

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"While time is important, it is even more important that every vote is counted and counted accurately," the vice president said in his first remarks in five days on the improbably knotted race.

"What is at stake is more important than who wins the presidency," he said. "What is at stake is the integrity of our democracy."

DEMOCRACY? GHORE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THAT WE LIVE IN A REPUBLIC. We call it a Republic when we pledge allegiance to the flag!

Somebody clue him in!

-- ... (...@...com), November 13, 2000


Democracy is a system of government in which effective political power is vested in the people. The word 'democracy' has been expanded to include what our Founding Fathers called a republic. A republic is a governmental system in which the power of the people is usually exercised indirectly, through elected representatives who are entrusted to make decisions in accordance with the popular will.

I think (...@...com) Gore's usage of the word 'democracy' falls within the category of this definition and what has become commonly accepted for our form of government.

-- Casey DeFranco (caseydefranco@mindspring.com), November 13, 2000.

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