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Lionel issued an ACL boxcar in '99 with red trucks and couplers. I believe the color scheme was a white body with red lettering ("ACL", the logo, etc). May I correctly assume that this is prototypical? What timeframe/era was this scheme used, and how common was it? I searched the message board but didn't see this question asked previously. Thanks in advance for any information.

-- Nick McKinley Jr. (, November 13, 2000


ACL had 2 types of boxcars that apparently inspired the Lionel scheme. These cars were actually beige, not white, but the large lettering was indeed red. (Small data lettering was black) In 1965 ACL built a single 50' outside post boxcar, No. 33000, in these colors. In 1966 ACL ordered from P-S 200 cars, I think # 28500-699 if memory serves, that were 40' outside post boxcars with roof hatches. These had red trucks - don't recall if the couplers were red. Paul Faulk's ACL color equipment guide (available thru the ACL & SAL HS catalog) has excellent color photos of both cars.

-- Larry Goolsby (, November 13, 2000.

Upon further consideration, the body might be silver. In addition, the door is red, also. I don't own this piece (yet) but am just curious about the color scheme.

-- Nick McKinley Jr. (, November 13, 2000.

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