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Anyone interested in accurately modeling the ACL during the steam or transisiton era may be interested to know that NJ International offers a style of water column that was widely used by the Coast Line from Virginia to Florida. The prototype was of the rigid type that used a large, three-spoked wheel on the spout to open/close the water valve. The brass model is a gem and really "screams" Coast Line. Water columns were typically located in pairs adjacent to coaling towers or as a single unit across from water tanks in double track territory. Hope this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, November 13, 2000


The one that matches the ACL water column would be model #525-1611 (silver) or #525-1612 (black). Not sure if they're still available through Walthers (not in the most recent catalog). Your local hobby shop should be able to order them directly from NJ International or from another hobby shop. They cost about $35 ea. Hope this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, November 20, 2000.

Thanks for the tip! I looked at at the NJ International listing and found two water columns: #525-1603 and #525-1611. They both seem to have a 3-spoked wheel at the water valve but differ in other details (which aren't very clear in the illustrations). Do you know which one is like the one the ACL used? Thanks for helping. --Jim Smith

-- Jim Smith (, November 16, 2000.

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