Helah..the new head nurse?

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Something struck me watching this week's episode. Helah was complaining to Benton and she said something interesting. She was going on and on about conditions in the ER and she ended her rant by saying, "None of my nurses have had any lunch".

That sounds like something a head nurse would say. Helah has been acting more managerial lately, like a boss.

Do you think she's been promoted?

-- T Lem (t_lem@yahoo.com), November 13, 2000


It makes sense that Haleh would be promoted, however I got the impression from seasons past (when she filled in for Carol) that being the Nurse Manager was not something she aspired to be. It is very clear that Abby is not in that position, which I'm glad to see. I do wish that we'd seen more of the nurses reactions when they realized that Abby was going back to nursing. Do you remember what a hard time they gave her when she first started as a med student in the ER?

-- Emma (webbef@hotmail.com), November 13, 2000.

I think TPTB have tried to make it obvious that Haleh IS the new head nurse because they keep having scenes where she is fixing something or yelling at one of the attendings defending HER nurses.

-- Stephanie (ERGirl22@aol.com), November 13, 2000.

Speaking of nurses, I wish we'd see more of them. Even brief interactions between the nurses, or the nurses and docs, or nurses and patients. It 's like they're fillers in the background now. Abby is the only nurse with a full storyline, like Carol had but you hardly see anything of them working or gossiping or hanging out with each other. I really miss the camaraderie from seasons past between the nurses and even the doctors.

-- Laura (laurelc@wincom.net), November 13, 2000.

I totally agree Laura. It seems this season the nurses have been relegated to very minor , in-passing, characters. Maybe TPTB felt that there are too many main characters and the nurses needed smaller roles. Haleh has definitely gotten the most attention (other than Abby) and Lydia, Yosh, Connie, Malik, Lily, and Chuni are almost non-exisitant.

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), November 14, 2000.

I was just thinking today about missing the nurse's presence and interaction more, esp. I have been wondering where in the heck Yosh is. I've always thought he was a great character. Of course Malik is priceless, Haleh is confident and sassy (I for one think she'd be a great head nurse), Lydia reflects back to us our humanity, and Chuni is everyone's favorite. Yeah, the doc cast is huge but the writers always seemed to balance everything else: hope they get to it...I was in the ER recently (bummer) and the nurses are CRUCIAL to procedure, assistance, patient comfort, it would be like leaving the valves out of a car engine...can't run without 'em!

-- Patti C. (pmcponygrl@aol.com), November 14, 2000.

I think she is the charge nurse, now, too. Someone on another thread said that they didn't think so because last week, Kerry was calling for the nursing supervisor and Haleh was standing right beside her. Couldn't find that thread so I will FYI here: the nursing supervisor is a hospital wide person who manages where any extra nurses are sent. Such as when Carol was charge nurse, and she would get upset about nurses being "floated". That was the nursing supervisor she was talking to.

-- Kelly (Kellydvs@aol.com), November 18, 2000.

She must be because of the comment mentioned ("none of MY nurses...") and also last season in Humpty Dumpty she was in the meeting that Kerry, Mark, and Romano were in, that Carter worked his way into. Carol was pregnant and working as the desk clerk at that time, but I'm assuming Haleh took over the role for good.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), November 20, 2000.

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