The deliberate vote fraud planned by the powers that be could be the pinprick that pops the bubble. When the public realizes that money is debt, and that $6 Trillion of this debt is overseas, : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

the plan could backfire. The powers that be are actually the International Bankers and old family super rich people who control the politicians from the President on down. How? money and "political contributions". What is a dollar? It is debt created by the Federal Reserve. What is the Federal Reserve? It is a PRIVATE BANK. Who owns it? Other banks. The election is a joke. Stack the ballots, run a wire through them and some will have 2 holes punched. Then void them as invalid and complain to the news media that the ballots were difficult to understand if a PhD can not understand the instructions. Simple. Your side need more votes? Have boxes of marked ballots available for use as needed. There are more votes than registered voters? This is OK. It is difficult to track all these numbers. Apparently both sides wink at these screwups and they do not want to kill the goose that may help them in the future. Some precincts are better than others. My precint in Florida had the identical count on the original and on the recount. I had to sign in where I was registered and had to show proof of identification. A poll watcher was guarding the ballot box to assure that no extra ballots got into the box and they were counted by the machine that grabbed each page like a xerox machine. The ballots were paper where the block was filled in with a pencil. I wonder if this type of system was required and effectively policed in Miami and the minority precincts in West Palm Beach where there is a heavy concentration of migrant workers that may include some illegal aliens?

The Black lady on TV in Miami complaining that they would not let her vote? Give me a break. If she was Black, she would vote Democrat so the local officials would let her vote if at all possible. What are the Democrats complaining about? Was she registered? Was here name on the list of registered voters? Did she go to the right precinct? Was there anybody else in the room that she could complain to? If she was eligible she could surely find someone to help her.

The people in foreign countries who own US stocks and bonds are becoming very concerned. If they lose confidence in the dollar because of all the dissention, they could start selling stocks and bonds and bringing home their dollars. This could crash the stock market, drive up interest rates, cause margin calls which would cause more stocks to be sold, loan defaults would increase, people would lose their jobs and prices would rise as this flood of dollars attempted to buy real goods before the dollar became worthless. The economy is not that good. The reason that the stock market went up was the increase in debt encouraged by the bankers so that they could earn more interest. It is called money supply (M-3). Check it out. The figures are published. One source is The increase in the stock market tracks the increase in the money supply very closely. Think about it. This is becoming a huge mind bolgleing game of musical chairs on a global scale. Instead of 16 players and 15 chairs, it is closer to 1 billion players and 100,000 chairs. The bankers are scared sh-tless about this possibility and as soon as it starts, it will esculate with incredible speed. One of the first things to happen will be no market for junk bonds that pay 12% or more. If no one buys them, they become worthless in a matter of days. Are these in your portfolio? Most "investors" are strictly speculators. Idiots and trend followers would be a more accurate description. The idiots buy on the dips. The more knowledgable sell on the increases. How many of the experts on the TV ever tell you to sell your stock? Many have dropped 40, 50 or 80 per cent without a single recommendation to sell and there are dozens of 30 per cent drops in one day or one hour.

Nothing is safe. Dollars could be decimated by inflation, houses could decrease if masive unemployment and bankruptcies make them unaffordable. A starting point is to sell stocks before the panic. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will save you? Maybe, if your bank is in the first 2 per cent to go bankrupt. The remaining 98 per cent will have no funds available to help you. When will this all happen? Who knows. It could be next month. next year or 3 year from now.

I will probably get several one line responses showing the lack of understanding of the poster but that is OK if this helps to wake up others who did not notice what is going on.

-- Alvin Greenspan (LittleAl@money.gone), November 12, 2000


The deliberate vote fraud planned by the powers that be could be the pinprick that pops the bubble.

I don't quite understand what you're driving at, Alvin. Are you saying the powers that be want the bubble to burst?

-- Dave (the@band.manager), November 12, 2000.

the bubble is gonna burst anyway, why not blame the state of florida?

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), November 12, 2000.

I'll bet you a chad that the NASDAQ Composite will crash through the 3000 support level starting Monday morning.

-- dinosaur (, November 12, 2000.

I'll see that chad and raise you a prepunch.

-- independently Impoverished (, November 13, 2000.

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