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Reptilian Infighting & Election 2000

As discussed in other material here, it was the combination of Orion and Sirian genetic scientists who brought Earth humans to the spiritual challenge accepted by many Higher Selves. Back on Ancient Earth, the genetic scientists' uniforms had the symbol of the serpent on them. The serpent has played an important role in Earth mythologies, but is always connected to the reptilian aliens.

When a reptilian royal, in charge of the Orion queen's interests in this solar system, decided to start her own rule independent of Mintaka, she became the rebel queen. There would be no change in policy toward Earth (whether rebel or Mintaka queen ruled) and its inhabitants. The only difference was who was in charge. The rebel queen split from Orion during the reign of Atlantis and the sinking of Atlantis brought the end, temporarily, of Mintaka rule over all Earth.

Egypt, a colony of Atlantis, was dedicated to the rebel queen. The 'goddess' Isis is the chief Orion genetic scientist who became the rebel queen. The serpent on pharoah's crown was the symbol of the genetic scientists from Orion. The rebel queen's original center was Egypt, which fell to Alexander the Great, who did NOT replace the religion but kept it intact. Even those who ruled Egypt after Alexander's conquest were devoted to Isis.

While Alexander did his thing, the rebel Sirian allied with the rebel queen was busy in Rome. The legend of Romulus and Remus raised by the wolf (Sirius) depicts wolfish Sirian involvement. Notice, though, the stress is on a female wolf - alliance with the female rebel queen. If it were of the Sirian throne (allied to Mintaka), a male wolf would have been used as the guardian of Romulus/Remus. Egypt and Rome were allied. Julius Caesar and Mark Antony were Earth representations of Sirius' rebel royalty with Cleopatra representing the rebel Orion royalty.

The rebels have never been able to rest since the system coup. Although rebel factions have been dominant most of the past several thousand years, Mintaka factions have been becoming more assertive especially in the 20th century since the Mintaka queen is expected to return. World War II was a fight between rebel queen fascist factions and socialist Mintaka factions.

The Mintaka throne's faction started to assert itself through the catholic church. Mary, the mythological mother of mythical Jesus, is the representation of the Orion queen. The protestant split from Rome mirrors the rebel split from Orion. Since that split, I don't know if you can find a catholic church that doesn't have the statue of Mary (Orion queen) standing ('crushing the head') of the serpent (rebel queen-genetic scientist) while both stand on planet Earth.

The catholic church's steady elevating of Mary shows the intended return of the Orion queen. The current pope's insistance of Mary's supremecy over Jesus is quite easy to see. He talks about MARY and jesus. The protestants have been clashing ideologically with the catholics ever since the split and are fully set against Mary worship as this favors the Mintaka queen over the rebel queen.

Now with the crisis of the US election 2000 for president, the factions are clashing in another arena. Bush and Gore each represent a different faction, however BOTH represent reptilian interests on Earth. Baring a MAJOR event, the Orion card is in play and the queen is returning to take overt control of Earth. The Bush family has much closer ties to the British throne which Robert Morning Sky has said is the Nin-hur-sag (representative) of the rebel queen on Earth. The right wing is reble queen supportive to the left wing supportive of Mintaka. BOTH facitons are bad for Earthers. It's a matter of which poison do you choose - arsenic or venom.

The shooting at many alien craft trying to enter Earth's atmosphere, when not identified, is typical of the rebel queen's faction since the Mintaka faction has been slipping agents to Earth for quite a while, as have other non-related factions.

Although this greatly simplifies a very complex issue, you get the drift. Infighting between Orion and rebel reptilian factions continues like 2 dogs fighting over a bone called Earth. By some groups referring to Faction 1 or Faction 2, they refuse to go to the root of both factions. It's not the Mafia, religion or security agencies that are the root. They are arms of the factions, but not the factions' rulers. Researchers fear to dig too deep to face the alien factor due to a false superiority complex inherent in most Earthers and especially Americans.

The interesting situation with this election is the severity of the clash between both factions. True, they've managed to cause a new division in the US due to this situation, but the clash is indicative of something major to occur that both groups want to control. The Dark and the reptilians DO fight with each other at all times, but to be so public with it is major. I suggest the returning Orion ships to this solar system have a significant role in this and, unless the Andromedan Council intervenes, it could really get messy. Refer again to that Simpsons episode of Kodos vs Kang. After that election, the aliens dropped their human disguises and ruled Earth overtly alien and made slaves of the population. Whoever finally becomes president will rule under a dark cloud as those who voted for the other candidate will feel they were robbed. There will be no true winner and half the country will be bitter. It will be interesting to see how this current crisis develops.

One more thing about the 2 major factions. It is FAR too simplistic to think there are only 2 factions. Under each faction are several sub-factions. Each sub-faction supports it's senior, but will battle others in the sub-groups under that senior. The 2 major factions are the second level from the top of the pyramid and there are many layers under that. I never said it would be easy! Keep watching and don't be overly concerned with the public fighting as it may be a distraction for other things happening.

-- OneWhoKnows (-@isthereany.hope?), November 12, 2000


At least it'sore interesting than the real election rhetoric.

-- OKW (OKW@humons.r.us), November 12, 2000.

I'd like some of whatever that writer has been smoking.

-- (raven@never.more), November 12, 2000.

the mythical=jesus?-------even roman history-mentions jesus-crucified! yup the serpant--can,t stop lying-its his=nature!!

-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), January 18, 2001.

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