Do you think it was right that Carter told Trent about his HIV status? : LUSENET : Weekly ER Summary Questions : One Thread


-- ER Online (, November 11, 2000


I totally think Carter did the right thing. Because if the boy didn't know, god knows how many other people would have got the diease from him. He would find out sooner or later. At if it was to be later, a lot of people would have been hurt by this choice.

-- Lisa (, November 18, 2000.

It was the right thing to tell him. If he didn't find out, he could have infected several more people in the future. He couldn't help the fact that Trent died. He did what he had to do, and it was the right thing.

-- Kate (, November 23, 2000.

Yes after watching this episode again and again, Carter did the right thing. The boy should have known the second he was old enough to understand words,then the girl would not have to suffer with HIV and AIDS.Plus Carter would have been more careful in treating him and everyone would have been 100% protected.

-- Katie Larson (, December 01, 2000.

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