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I bet you blame the ref when your team loses. I bet it is never your fault, you always blame someone else.

Look how mad you were at Mr. Nader that he might prevent your guy from winning. If your guy lost, it wasn't going to be your fault, it was going to be Mr. Nader's fault. The ballot issue, it's not your fault you can't follow instructions, it's the ballots fault. When Mr. Gore loses Florida, it won't be because he just lost, it will be because the Republicans cheated.

Do you ever get tired of being the victim?

(Let the whining begin. Let the blaming someone else start. Let us misdirect and deceive now. Let us change the subject immediately. Let us take everything out of context quick. Let us never take responsibility.)

-- Ooops (, November 11, 2000


Are all Democrats sore losers?

Neither party has won or lost this election so far. Florida has not certified its vote count yet.

-- (stating@the.obvious), November 11, 2000.

Mr./Mrs./Ms. stating the obvious. It is obvious you can't comprehend what you read. My comment about Mr. Gore losing the election was in the future tense. (So the misdirection did occur.)

-- Ooops (, November 13, 2000.

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