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Did anyone else notice the interaction between Hellary (intentionally spelling) and Bill at her acceptance speech. She was positively cold towards him. Arkansas may be getting Bill back afterall. If not, New Yorkers hide your wife and daughters.

Sure hope the Senate keeps her from drafting any national health care legislation.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), November 11, 2000


Bill, Hillary, and Gore are taking our country closer toward socialism/Communism. We're just getting propaganda from media outlets. Democracy is slipping away. I'm afraid election fraud will decide this election. We should go back to voting machines with registration checked for citizenship & eligibility. Motor voter law is too lax. So much is at stake: getting justice back in the Justice Dept., the liberal judge appointees already in the majority from last 8 yrs, Supreme Court appointments, protecting the boy scouts, being told how to live on our rural 80 acres by govt (wetlands & other oppressive regulations, etc.) our weakened military (how much worse can it get for our military), whether we can have guns for individual protection & hunting, national security laxness, and on & on. I live in MI but was born in Tenn. I'm so proud that my home state of TN saw thru Gore's lies. Let's hope the hordes of Gore lawyers that have descended on Fla. won't be able steal this election.

-- Betty (brolffs@voyager.net), November 11, 2000.

I have seen that Queen Hillary has been quite cold to King Bill since the whole impeachment debacle. I predict that there will be a divorce after the office taking and upon the resolution of this election. She has gotten what she's always wanted, real power in her own right and now it will be time to discard the philandering coke man. It's too bad really. They are very complimentary to each other and I doubt that either will be able to find a better match for their reptilian sensibilties. That just might be an insult to reptiles! Do all reptiles eat their young? Does anyone know whether Chelsea is on prozac or anything similar? I know she took a break from school to enjoy the families "last few months together", Bill said that awhile ago, and never said it again.....

-- Doreen (animalwaitresss@excite.com), November 11, 2000.

The hubby came home and commented that Hillary literally pushed Bill aside to grab Chelsea's hand to raise at her acceptance speech.(I forget who was on her other side, but it wasn't Bill)

-- Epona (crystalepona2000@yahoo.com), November 11, 2000.

Our oldest son wanted to make the military his career 12 yrs. ago, now he can't wait to get out, he has 2yrs. more to go. I cannot tell you what he has told me about what is going on in the services, but it is rather appalling. He is called 'Uncle Bill' in the military & they don't like him no how no way (excuse my grammar). I, too, see a divorce sometime in the future for them, if they haven't already started the proceedings, they should stay together, they deserve one another. Queen Hillary has already started complaining about the Constitution and how it should be changed, (to fit her philosophy, no doubt) ie: the electorate. Just wait, fellow citizens, I sense we haven't seen or heard everything yet.

-- Phyllis (almostafarm@yahoo.com), November 11, 2000.

I did notice that Hillary offered to introduce a Bill in cogress to eliminate the Electorial College. The woman is slick taking advantage of every opportunity she can. I don't think she'll have a chance to make it as president with the electorial college however she would probably win by the popular vote. If Hillary wins the White House would that make Bill "The first Lady"?

I don't suspect Hillary will keep Bill around much longer after the Inagulation. She won't need his lame butt.

-- Richard V. Miller (richard.miller@1st.net), November 11, 2000.

The rumor is out from NY that the divorce papers have already been drawn up, if not delivered.

-- Green (ratdogs10@yahoo.com), November 11, 2000.

I suspect Bill is eager for a divorce, but that Hellary will make it difficult by going after probably 50% of his future earnings. Can you image a single Bill out on the lecture circuit with his choice of probably dozens of groupies. Maybe Hellary should make a Lorena Bobbitt maneuver part of the settlement.

There have been 700 attempts to amend the Constitution to eliminate the Electorial College. She can have try 701.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), November 11, 2000.

I've heard that hellary is going to persue her political career, and bill (purposly not capitalized) is going to accept a position as a professor at Oxford university, and they are going to have a trans- atlantic marriage. That wouldnt be far enough away for me. hopefully their daughter will be able to rise above this some day I can't imagine how her life right now could be anything but miserable they both need to exit the lime light for her sake.

-- ronda (thejohnsons@localaccess.com), November 11, 2000.

Interesting article in today's paper on what Hellary can expect when she arrives in the Senate. With her attitude I suspect she would demand Senator Monihan's office and appointments to very important committees. What she will find instead is a Republican controlled Senate of which she has alienated most of. Remember her accusation of a 'broad right-wing conspiracy out to get her husband?' Many of the Senators she must work with took part in the impeachment of her husband. Freshman Senators get the lowest class of office and appointments to sub-committees. She will have to build up seniority. Will be interested to see if she is reelected in six years. I have no doubt she has aspirations to the White House, but she sure will be carrying a lot of baggage, even if Bill will not be part of it.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), November 12, 2000.

You know how bill and hillary met? They were dating the same woman in college.

-- Shooter (jcole@apha.com), November 13, 2000.

If Bill did to you what he did to her would you still keep him around? For your information Hillary is going to congress as one of the most powerful junior senators. Also several repubs are gone since they had to leave after it was found out they were worse than Clinton. Where are you getting all your propaganda? I keep hearing things that are almost true but if all the facts are known they are false. If you did not see the repubs witch hunt for what it was then you don't look close enough. I have gotten a big dislike for the repubs after the last 8 years with their poor attitudes and disrespect for anything honerable. The last good repub was Ike.

-- Nick (wildheart@ekyol.com), November 13, 2000.

Isn't it amazing. I have NO respect for Republicans. I got too tired of them telling me what I wanted. Anyone remember the impeachment? Too bad the republicans forgot that the MAJORITY of Americans DID NOT want Bill impeached. Guess they did it for our own good. We need people who know how to take orders from the people who put them there. If they are to be the voice of the populace, it shouldn't be all those voices in their heads telling them what to do.

-- Laura (LauraLeekis@home.com), November 14, 2000.

Laurie? So you don't want leaders that enforce the law? What you call a witch-hunt was really congress trying to hold our president to the rule of law. Clinto perjured hisself in testimony concerning Monica and many other things. Remember that the investigation wasn't about Bill having an affair, it was about another ladies allegation that he sexually harassed her. The democrats really smeared her for her effort (I guess justice only matters if Jesse Jackson is envolved)

How would we define "will of the people"? By what the polls tell us?

-- Mark M (Magicmark@aol.com), November 14, 2000.

Here in our house we don't say the H word. We live in NY- for now.

-- evelyn b (peontoo@yahoo.com), November 14, 2000.

Condolences, Evelyn. We are about to leave Maine to visit our friends in western NY for the annual Bambi harvest. They are disgusted, but they are not alone. Hellary represents the Peoples Republic of New York CITY, as does that piece of dogs--t Shumer. I say you make NYC secede, perhaps joining DC. The rural folks did not support her at all. She was elected by welfare rats and socialists. GL and chin up!

-- Brad (homefixer@SacoRiver.net), November 15, 2000.

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