The Current Antics of the Democrat Party in Palm Beach County are approaching fraud big time. A current link explains that Democrat Party Officials did the double punching on Bush Ballots so they would show Bush Gore and be voided and replaced by new Gore ballots. The link is : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread Of course ALGORE wants to get to the bottom of this so he is sending his team of lawyers down to Palm Beach to fix the problem. Is this a fox and the henhouse problem? This occurred only in selected heavily Democrat precincts. Amazingly the double punch error was made only in the Gore Bush Buchanan selection and not in any of the other races. The error rate in favor of ALGORE was 120 times the error rate of any other County. Read the above post. I was wondering why numerous Democrats were telling ALGORE to concede. Does ALGORE think that the Republicans will not figure this out? Fraud on this level if true should mean jail time for somebody.

The Gore campaign was very effective in Palm Beach County. The registered Democrats in Palm Beach County were 296,122 Democrats and every one of them plus others cast 296,696 votes for Gore. The Republicians were not nearly as effective as they had 231,626 voters registered and only 152,954 (65%) voted for Bush. In every other county in Florida the number of votes for Bush exceeded the number of registered Republicians. It sounds like the Fox did the recount. Of course the records of the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections could have reported the wrong number of registered voters for each party and the votes for each candidate but is this likely? Were the ballots double punched, voided and replaced by Gore ballots after the voters left the poles. It will be funny if Jesse and all the demonstrators are on TV in the middle of a big protest when this all is confirmed and Gore concedes. I do not expect this to be front page headlines or the lead story on the TV networks. It will be buried in Section D on page 9 after the gardening news.

Does anyone have any information to confirm or disprove the information in the link? Where is the FBI? They should be involved before the ballots are hand counted which will destroy any fingerprints and evidence. The building where the ballots are stored will probably burn down before the investigation can be completed. Andy and I do not have the resources to restore law and order in Palm Beach County on our limited budget.

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vidence shows HOW the Palm Beach Democrats voided 15,000 Bush ballots, 3,400 Buchanan Ballots.

Crime/Corruption Breaking News Free Republic Keywords: PALM BEACH VOTE FRAUD CORRUPTION Source: Robert Cook Published: 10 November 2000 Author: Robert A. Cook, PE Posted on 11/10/2000 15:30:43 PST by Robert A. Cook, PE

Ref: 15,000 Bush votes were stolen in Palm Beach, FL. 15,000 Dole and Perot votes were stolen in 1996 *, no wonder they knew how to do it!

(*9 Nov, 2000 CNN; Jim Smith, Former Florida Secretary of State; WSJ, 11-10-2000)

The news media is focused on the Democratic Party spin that voters were "confused" in Palm Beach, FL. They are ignoring the 15,000 BUSH and 3,400 Buchanan votes were stolen by fraud in these 19,000 ballots.

There is explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach FL. These ballots show Democratic voter fraud....NOT Republican fraud or "voter error." Consider these "unusual" ballot problems in Palm Beach, FL - every one of them adds more Gore votes, and removed Republican and Reform party votes.


The voter fraud in the most heavily Democratic precincts Palm Beach County is so bad that Democratic officials are claiming that over 26 people per minute "were confused" and voted twice for President! This means that more voters were being handed new ballots per minute than new voters were being signed in. (19,200 "double punched" Democratic ballots divided by 12 hours, there are approximately 100 precincts in Palm Beach County. The errors are concentrated in only a few of these of these precincts, ALL predominately democratic and ALL with Democratic voter officials.)


ONLY in Palm Beach FL were 15,000 ballots "double punched" in the 1996 election. (This is unique among the entire nation! It is an error rate TEN TIMES larger than reported in ANY other district in the nation using that kind of ballot!)

ONLY in Palm Beach (and almost ONLY heavily Democratic precincts) were 19,200 ballots rejected in 2000 for double punching....(This is a 4.4% error rate overall; in the rest of Florida there is less than * of ONE percent "double punch" error rate! (Unofficially, this error rate was 15% in predominately Afro-American precincts, and 10% in precincts with large numbers of Jewish retirees.) In strongly Republican precincts, the error rate was the "usual" * of one percent.)

ONLY in Palm Beach did this "double punch" error happen ONLY in the Gore-Bush-Buchanan selection. (In a truly random "error," the mistakes happen in every race, all at about the same rate. In Palm Beach, the massive errors (over 19,000) ONLY happened in the Presidential race.)

ONLY in Palm Beach has the news media complained about "massive" ballot confusion. In the 43 counties in Missouri, also mostly Democratic voters, which use the same kind of ballot, there are NO complaints about "confused voters" at all. (St Louis Post Dispatch, Nov 8, 2000) Therefore, ONLY in Palm Beach FL do the Democrats have to "explain" a massive number of incorrect votes.

ONLY in Palm Beach did Gore GAIN 750 votes in a recount. In 64 out of 67 counties in FL, the average gain was 5-7 votes, and the "changes" were equally split between ALL the candidates, in proportion to the original number of votes. This means that Palm Beach FL had an error rate in favor of Gore more than 120 TIMES greater than any other county, (Two other heavily Democratic "inner city" counties (Flagler and Pinellas) had changes greater than 400 votes.) In a statistically valid recount, half of the errors would favor Bush, and half favor Gore. This extreme change from the normal in only three counties shows massive "favoritism" towards Gore in those three counties.)

In Palm Beach Gore got more votes than there are registered Democrats. (Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections: registered Democrats = 296,122 while Gore voters = 296.696.)

ONLY in Palm Beach did Bush receive LESS than 65% of the registered Republican voters. (Registered Republicans = 231,626 while Bush voters = 152,954.) In every other county in FL Bush received MORE votes than there were registered Republicans. In the rest of the nation, poll results show more than 90% of registered Republicans actively supported the Republican candidate.

(Also, unique in the entire state, the percentage of Republican voters COUNTED as voting in Palm Beach was much less than normal, despite the pre-election attention to Florida as a critical state; and massive Republican get-out-the-vote campaigns.)

ONLY in Palm Beach did Buchanan get less than HALF the of votes he received before in 1996. His losses in that county in 2000 were much greater than in any other district in Florida. (Buchanan received over 8,000 votes in 1996 Republican PRIMARY (where only registered Republicans can vote; but he received only 3,407 under the Reform Party from ALL voters in the 2000 Presidential election.

(Pat Buchanan has relatives who lives in Palm Beach County, and this local support greatly increase the number of local voters who choose Buchanan, compared to every other region of the country. There are over 14,551 members of the Reform party in Palm Beach County - which indicates that less than 1/5 of the Reform voters voted for their own candidate. The Fraud is NOT whether Gore voters were "confused" and voted for Gore, but rather WHY Reform Party and Libertarian voters were prevented from registering THEIR vote!)

ONLY in Palm Beach County did the Reform Party candidate for Senator get MORE votes than the the reform Party candidate for President (Buchanan) every other coutry, the candidate for Senator for EVERY party got FEWER votes than the candidate for President from that party did.


There is a simple, single explanation for ALL of these 19,000 problems in ONE set of ballots in ONE district in ONE state.

15,000 Bush ballots, and 3,400 more Buchanan ballots, were double- punched to imitate a Gore vote, AFTER legitimate left their polling booth.

Assume 35,000 ballots were stuck with a stiff wire. It would take somebody a little bit of privacy and about 15 minutes. A ream of paper is 1 inch thick, 35,000 many ballots can be carried by one person in one small box, damaged, and returned to position very quickly.


3,000 = Buchanan

15,000 = Bush

15,000 = Gore

1,250 = other parties

750 = "blank" - No vote for President; other spots may be filled in.

After ....

3,000 Buchanan + Gore = thrown out.

15,000 Bush + Gore = thrown out.

Gore (+ Gore) = GOOD VOTES for Gore = counted already

1,250 + others + Gore = thrown out.

750 = "blank" + Gore = Gore gets recount!

Stamping 35,000 ballots with a wire THROUGH the Gore slot gives:

Every Gore vote = still a valid Gore vote. (No change in the total, no change in the recount.)

Every Bush, Buchanan, Workers Party, and Libertarian Party ballot IS IMMEDIATELY INVALID. They will be thrown out because they have two votes. They NEVER were counted in the first place = no change in the recount.

EVERY ballot that HAD NO VOTE becomes a Gore vote.

The recount immediately ADDS these (751) ballots to the Gore column BECAUSE the original count had NO vote for president!

(Isn't it LIKELY that at least 750 people were disgusted with BOTH major presidential candidates and made NO vote for president?)


2. RECOUNTING them by hand...since the voting machine will reject them....if the percentages match these numbers THERE WAS FRAUD.

3. Finding out WHEN these ballots were thrown out - OR NEVER COUNTED AT ALL! will tell you when the fraud was done.

.... If the ballots include an equal number of Bush + Gore" and "Gore + Gore" ballots....then that shows that this set of ballots were tampered with and never counted in the first place ... because they KNEW that they "all" be excluded. IF the ballots include "no" (or very few) Bush + Buchanan, or "Buchanan + somebody + Gore votes" else....then it shows that they were deliberately tampered with to exclude (throw out) otherwise valid Bush votes.

Obviously....EVERY tampered ballot WILL include a GORE vote! That would "justify" the Democratic "claims" for Fraud BY the Republicans.

To verify this....count the doubled ballots, list each with what OTHER votes were cast. No "legitimate" Gore voter would choose other Republican choices, or at least very, very few would. IF almost all of the Bush + Gore ballots had mostly Republican choices, or blanks where there is a Democrat running unopposed, then that shows a Bush vote that was destroyed.

ONLY where the Gore + Buchanan ballots shows almost all Democrats, those "one or two" ballots will show the few cases where some Gore supporter actually got confused!

BUT the Democrats are claiming that these are "double -punched! They know...and were told early this morning! to collect 3000 old folks who could claim they were confused...They quickly needed a cover story to explain that the ballots were "confusing" to create the 3000 Gore - Buchanan "voters" that they need.

But today...even the local democratic officials couldn't "find" that many confused individuals so quickly. Now, they claiming "hundreds" - and can't even verify that many. No lists, no names, no verification. Just their verbal claims on TV.


THEY HAVEN'T EXPLAINED why 15,000 ballots were double-punched in 1996 AND in 2000. Other than that the election officials did it TWICE.

Much simpler to stack the ballots up so they all can be read by the machine.....that way the "holes" line up!

Don't bother reading them or even looking at them, it's faster that way. just grab an unsorted stack of ballots from the box. Get about 100 -150 ballots - drill a hole through the Gore punch, or use a stiff wire - it will take you about 5 seconds per stack.

(If you use a drill - the "holes" will look funny - BUT these ballots are NOT meant to be counted again. They were meant to be thrown out as duplicates! If you use a stiff wire...there is nothing to see.

IF THE HOLE WAS PUNCHED BY WIRE - THE hole will be ragged and torn, the paper will "ahnging" because the ballot below will prevent the hole from being torn cleanly!

Put the stack back in the box...grab another bunch.

The "good" Gore ballots will still have the original "hole" punched out ... and so will get "re-counted" along with all the rest.


To test this theory....Manually count the double-punched ballots - looking for fraud under rules of evidence - this has become a criminal CASE - the examiners do not have to look for "missed" Gore votes.....The Gore votes ARE the evidence of fraud.

A Republican voter will have in almost every case have punched Bush + several other Republican candidates.

So look for how many "Bush + Gore" ballots have mostly Republican choices below. THESE ARE FRAUDS. They represent Bush votes that were stolen.

A "true" Buchanan voter would have punched Buchanan and a mix of other candidates....A Libertarian voter would have almost "had" to select other Republican candidates....since there are few Libertarian candidates for every position.

Either of these are frauds too!

A "mistaken" "Gore into Buchanan" voter would ALMOST CERTAINLY chosen the Democrats in the rest of the ballot.....or, IF AS THEY CLAIM, those "Gore into Buchanan" voters that were "told to push the second hole" really meant "only followed directions" ---- THEN the rest of the ballot would be solid Democrat, or blank.

After all...nobody "told" them to vote for anybody else!

The few "Gore + Buchanan" ballots that are totally blank below - or have many other mistakes on them .. are the only ones that "might be" mistakes.....two or three people are sure to made errors.

NOT 15,000 voters in 1996....and 15,000 voters in 2000.

When NO OTHER county in the nation has that many errors.

The Democrat demand to "hand count" ballots on Saturday (11 Nov) will destroy the fingerprint evidence of who commited this fraud.

Also, the democrat demand to hand count these ballots and "look at" the punches "to determine the intent of the voter" will specifically be looking at the WRONG evidence: they are going to use the potential evidence of fraud (hanging paper threads on a Gore+ Buchanan or Gore + Bush ballot) as evidence of a GORE vote.

IF the hole is legitimately punched - the the hole was made in the machine, at the ballot box, the hole is "clean" - the pice of paper goes through and goes away because the "back" of the ballot machine is "open" to specifically allow that!

IF the ballot is "double punched" by a wire through MANY ballots AT THE SAME TIME ... which creates many THOUSAND "double punched" ballots - ALL with GORE votes + somebody else's "valid" votes that are REJECTED - then the "hole" CAN'T be cleanly punched and is "messy" WITH DANGLING PAPER and "almost" attached punches....


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