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The big guys are all getting into the high-end prosumer, shoulder cams -- but are 1/2 ccds good enough for broadcast?

I've been using a Panasonic DVCPro at work and want to buy: but have heard too many problems with streaking on the lower end...

BTW: I hear the new apple iBook has firewire...

-- Tom (, November 10, 2000


On a very simple level, I'm a stills photographer who shoots occasional news video on a Sony TRV900 MiniDV camera. Whilst i admit that high-end equipment will always produce better results, particularly in low light situations, you have to look hard to see a great deal of difference between MiniDV footage and DVCPro when broadcast (PAL).


-- Matt Bigwood (, November 17, 2000.

Why dv do not forget D9 JVC which is as good as digi beta 3.3:1 compreesion 60M bit rate not 25 of dv and a lot less expensive than DVC Pro . Cameras a bit bigger but very sensitive. Very good head life. Pictures look nicer than Sony colour.

Size of CCDs 1/2 OK as long as good lens on front and the camera on the back has enough facilities. Lens must be interchangble.

-- Kenneth Banwell (, January 31, 2001.

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