The current antics of the Democrat Party in Florida are funnier than some of our old routines. The Phd could not read and understand the ballot, 19000 ballots voted for 2 people and were invalid, the ballot was illegal, the election should be held again etc etc etc. What next? Will : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

Janet Reno investigate? She used to work in South Florida before her current job. This is turning into a circus. Was that the intent? Make the people mad so that they will demonstrate and riot? Why all of the rediculous charges that are later proved to be bogus? For example 19000 ballots were voided but most of these were replaced by new ballots that were properly filled out. The smart people requested and obtained new ballots and the election officials had to account for the old ballots so they were counted and listed as invalid. Duh. The people complaining were too stupid to know this or were they just trying to make the public mad? Curly and I are sick of hearing about it and it is drawing viewers from our reruns. We might sue too to protect our rights if we have any. The copyright may have expired. We better get a lawyer if we can find one. The Democrats must be rich to be able to pay for all this legal talent. Perhaps this is a delaying tatic. Why delay? We can't figure it out. Will all this continue until the Nov 17 dedline for receipt of the absentee ballots? The hotel and restaurant owners are enjoying all of the business but it is making Florida look like a bunch of bumbling idiots. The funny part is that the bungling was done by the Democrats. Was this deliberate? It will be interesting to see if the Republicians in West Florida do anything about the news broadcast before the polls that Gore had won in Florida. The networks can not be that stupid. In our view, this was a deliberate attempt to reduce the Republician vote. Who gave the order to call the election before any votes were counted. We could have done a funny routine on this but no one would have believed it could happen so it would not have been funny back in the 1930s.

We noticed that the number of postings to this site has increased dramatically during the last few days. The outrage is building but it is not by disenfranchised democrat voters. It is by citizens who did not vote or who did not like the positions of the VP. It does show the character or lack of that was recognized by these voters long ago. The Democrats of course will not see this as they can not see what impact this has on the entire country. Nixon did not contest the election stolen from him for the good of the Country. Can we expect as much from ALGORE?

-- Moe (Moe@3stooges.gom), November 10, 2000


It's so refreshing to see someone with a completely objective point of view!

-- LMAO (, November 10, 2000.

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