Jesse Jackson and his ideas remind me of Hitler during the 30s. Who would have thought that what Hitler was proposing in 1932 would evolve into mass persecution of the minority groups for his own political : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

purposes. The Jews suffered immensely because of him. Do the Black people following Reverend Jackson realize that he is a multimillionaire and that he shakes down coporations for money so that he does not file discriminination suits against them? This is well documents at sites such as Sherman Skolnick. He fires up the people and leads them to further HIS goals and objectives. What do the people get out of this? Nothing. There are probably not many Black people at this site but if there are, think about it. Look what happened in South Africa. The Blacks obtained political power, took over the successful farms, ran off the white owners and the farms soon fell into ruin for lack of proper management. The murder rate skyrocketed because of the breakdown of society. What they need is education and a willingness to work. They do not need more rights, more free stuff from the gobmt, and quotas in schools, jobs, etc. etc. 40 years ago yes but times have changed. The people looking for a handout will have a long wait while the Asians pass them by. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for yourself. Thanks JFK. The low income white people have the same problems but you do not see them marching in the street about it. The more intelligent and prosperous Blacks are embarrassed about the antics of the rabble rousers.

-- Aunt Jemima (, November 10, 2000


The people looking for a handout will have a long wait while the Asians pass them by.....The low income white people have the same problems but you do not see them marching in the street about it.

Very true, the redneck poor folks get drunk and drive around shooting bullet holes in stop signs, which, when you think about it, is probably a more productive course of action than protesting yourself into further servitude to the government.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 10, 2000.

Are you sure you are Aunt Jemima? I never figured her to be a racist.

-- LOL (, November 10, 2000.

Oh boy, be careful there Auntie J. There are some sensitive liberal weenies on this forum that will attempt to wrap you in a white sheet for saying anything derogatory about our wonderful African Americans. Personally, I refuse to bite my tongue and stand by while these worthless mooch suck our country dry. They are too blinded to see when someone like JJ is conning them and as long as we are willing to throw money at them they are more than willing to suck it up. The blacks, as a group, will never elevate themselves from the bottom of the shithouse. Some things never change.

-- I (h@ve.spoken), November 10, 2000.


There you go again, asshole. Or did you not know that the vast majority of people on the welfare roles are white? What's the matter, sis didn't give you the blowjob you wanted today? I can see YOU have elevated yourself to incredible stature in this life. Just another piece of useless white trash-So, besides cum stains on your sisters blouse, what do you have to show for your life?

-- RednecksSuck (go@away.rascist), November 10, 2000.

BWhat do you have to show for your life?B

Common reason and a good grasp of reality. You however sound more and more like a fresh fish that just got turned out by a brother. Hurt did it?

-- I (h@ve.spoken), November 10, 2000.

First of all, you can't make a blanket statement about blacks anymore than you can say "any white man who talks about blacks is a racist" The average Black man and woman is doing just fine, thanks. Not all Blacks are followers of Rev. Jackson or on welfare. Let's be fair, thanks.

Blacks DID need affirmative action for a long time. It was neccessary in a country that really WAS racist..and there are STILL racists out there, whether you like to hear it or not...Blacks still have to deal with narrowminded people all the time...and unless you ARE black, you have no idea how much it's still around. It might seem that affirmative action is no longer needed...that racism is long gone, but sadly..that's not exactly true. There are qualified educated blacks out there who deserve a fine job, and would still be passed over for a white man if not for this law. I have myself grumbled about it, but it's a fact..nonetheless.

On the reverse side...there are some things white people do that black people consider racist..that are NOT racist at all...but innocent questions or gestures they would ask or do to anyone. It comes from years and years of having to deal with real racism..and blacks are still gunshy when it comes to certain things. It does go both ways at times...and there are blacks who will readily admit this.

Blacks in South Africa were the victims of the same thing plenty of whites are victims of...corrupt politicians and this case, black.

Blacks are not dumber than whites..Blacks are not less motivated than whites..Blacks are no longer less educated than whites...these ARE racists views...AuntJ. The ones who blindly follow are in the minority, but some of these people honestly feel that Gore was the man for them...just like half the country did...and you can't say it's so they can stay on welfare! (even if it's true for "some" of them...and it would be true for some poor white folks too)

PS...I STILL WANT BUSH TO WIN...BADLY...but the way you said this, although you TRIED very hard not to sound still was. (and I've been accused of the same thing..when trying to make a fair don't worry about it in the long run)

-- kritter (, November 10, 2000.

Sorry I ranted Aunt J...It was probably completely unwarrented. Just a bad week...Dang!

-- kritter (, November 10, 2000.


"I have farted" said...

he has "Common reason and a good grasp of reality."

Yeah, you're "common" alright, as common as scum. You've got about as much "reason" as the possum that you and your each-others-butt-fucking hillbilly friends have for dinner every night.

LOL, as for your "good grasp of reality", you haven't a clue. But that's okay, me and the brothers will be happy to come over and set you straight.

-- I@have.farted (is.too@fucking.stupid), November 11, 2000.

Gee, was that everything you got?! I'm suprised you didn't throw the larger penis thing at him! LOL

-- I've heard it's true... (but@Ill.never.know), November 11, 2000.

"I've heard it's true... (but@Ill.never.know)"

Yes you will. The brothers are going to let you see how much larger it is... in your mouth.

-- (heehee@haa.haaa), November 11, 2000.

Individuals who follow Jackson for racial reasons are really cut from the same cloth as the ones who follow the KKK for racial reasons.

In both cases, the irrelevant factor of race (assuming such a thing even exists) is given supreme status, while the crucial factor that distinguishes our humanity -- of THINKING -- is disregarded. It's ultimately not -- or should not be --a matter of race. It's a matter of defaulting on thinking for one's self; it's a matter of ignorance.

-- eve (, November 11, 2000.

Fortunately, I only had to read as far as "Sherman Skolnik".

-- Patricia (, November 11, 2000.

Sherman Skolnik, like so many of his ilk, lives in an information world available to but a select few. You may scoff at his writings but he has it mainly right most of the time. He, and others, have carved out a narrow path in which they are allowed to exist within the mainstream press community. To unilaterally dismiss his information is to err in the direction of ignorance and restricted thinking.

-- Wizard (, November 11, 2000.

The problem with Skolnic is his way out there reputation that seems to taint his musings. I will however agree with the Wizard that it would be a mistake to ignore him altogether. And Wizard, what the fuck you talking about abrasive?

-- I (h@ve.spoken), November 11, 2000.

Ah, "Wizard", how well you think you know me.

The truth of the matter is that I have, in fact, read Skolnik's "writings" and dismissed most of them because of that. Yes, he's "on to something" in a couple of places, but (to used a tired cliche') even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

I find one of the ironies of Skolnik to be his claim that he is "not a conspiracy theorist", yet his writings would seem to belie that.

-- Patricia (, November 11, 2000.


I have studied this and studied this and studied this.

As a white person, I can not say exactly what level racism exists towards blacks from whites. I can say that I do not see much anymore. I can also say that I see more racism coming from black to whites than whites to blacks.

Someone here mentioned affirmative action is needed to subvert a black being passed over by a white for a white for a job. What about black to white racism where a white is passed over by a black for a black. Where I work, I have a college degree and have worked for 3 years and am barely above water. Our editor quit and was replaced by a black person. He was less qualified than the white applicants but I did not care since I am sensitive to racial issues. But then he hired a black person, less qualified than me, and told him “we black folk have got to stick together” or something close to that. This new hiree was promoted into the position I wanted and then he assigned me all the work he was supposed to do bet couldn’t because he was less qualified. Further, the editor how hired him has yet to hire one white even though there are very few blacks in our town AND he even calls his black friends to come in to give them jobs. I am just waiting to be fired due to the color of my skin.

HOW IS THAT NOT RACISM? I am not allowed as a white to speak out against this or to start a group to insure I get to a have a suitable life financially like the NAACP or the Rainbow/Push Coalition.

Sorry, I do not agree with affirmative action. It stems from black to white racism, fueled by the idea that it is justified because my ancestors may or may not have been racist. But a quick look into my backgroud shows that a few generations back, my ancestors are Native American and the other half whites who supported freeing the slaves and voted for Lincoln (according to our family record)

It’s time to stop creating problems that don’t exist. Just go to school, do well, apply and you will get a job if you try hard enough, regardless of your race, unless you are white and the boss is white, then you have to deal with how he doesn’t think you deserve employment since you look similar to a race that enslaved people that look like him a century and a half ago. Hypocrisy!


-- dan dan (, December 30, 2000.


See a lawyer. You may have an action. But you cannot extrapolate from your workplace to what affirmative action as a whole is doing.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), January 02, 2001.

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