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I just got 28 , 6month old top hat chickens for free "city folks".I couldn't beleive it .I have no clue about them except they are very funny looking .Do they lay well ? At what age do they start ? I have a few extras for anyone close by .These folks have 2 angora goats they may want to get rid of , so I hope I will get a call soon .

-- Patty (, November 10, 2000


I've had four different varieties of top hat (Polish) chickens for three years. Some of you may have different views, but the only thing I've found them good for is 'lookin at'. Horrible layers, can't remember when I last got an egg from one. Roosters seem to be psycho half the time. Maybe it's from not being able to see (from all the head feathers growing so fast, and covering their eyes). I have to give the roosters 'hair cuts' twice a year. I had to cease free ranging the Polish because the roosters kept getting lost, or so confused, they'd stand in one place all day...before I realized they couldn't see squat for all the feathers in their eyes.

They are beautiful. If you have such an inclination, like I do, to have a little frivolous beauty around the homestead, go for it. I won't buy any more. They've interbred with some other breeds, with some exotic results. Good luck.

-- Phil (, November 10, 2000.

"Top Hat" chickens are also known as Polish and or Crested. One popular breed is the White Crested Black Polish, They have black body feathers and white feathers on their head. Their are many different types of crested chickens in both Standard and Bantam. Many people like them because they say they don't wander far because of limited sight. They are pretty good layers and fair setters. They should start laying around 7 months old. They are a fun bird and a great coversation piece. One day I would like to cross a Black Turken (naked neck) with a White Crested Black Polish now that would be in odd looking bird.

-- Mark in NC Fla (, November 10, 2000.

We've had Polish (top hat) chickens, and liked them -- they laid pretty well for us. It's been a few years ago, so I can't say much about their personality, but you should be able to figure yours out in a few days or so! Good luck with them -- what colors do you have?

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, November 11, 2000.

I've had them and they laid fair. They weren't real smart, sometimes being confused and trying to walk through a wall, etc. Regular chickens tend to put them on the low end of the pecking order and there lies baldness!

They are pretty, but I've gone with other breeds now.

-- Anne (, November 11, 2000.

We have buff, black and brown .Want a couple Kathleen ?

-- Patty (, November 11, 2000.

Where are you located? Am interested in the goats

-- Terri Perry (, November 11, 2000.

Patty, I had a chuckle from your getting 28 Polish chickens for free. I had White Crested Black Polish ONCE, and they were the dumbest chickens I've ever had. Yes, mine ran into things too, didn't have enough smarts to come in out of the rain - would just stand there thinking the sky was falling on them, I suppose, but I doubt if they even knew which way was up. They couldn't even find their way into the chicken house at night. I finally got tired of rounding them up every night, and gave mine away, too.

-- Duffy (, November 17, 2000.

Not right now, Patty, thanks! Greg has built a chicken tractor, but hasn't got the wire on it yet! He was talking about using it as a firewood rack for the winter!

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, November 17, 2000.

Yes they are stupid !! But they should be good soup any way .

-- Patty (, November 17, 2000.

Ive got 2 buff laced Polish hens, very quiet and demure... I love them. I can hold them and they seem to like being held. They are very docile and calm, I think due to the feathers over their eyes. One is laying white eggs now. I prefer heavy breeds, but these are for their prettiness. I think its unfair to call them stupid. I'd rather they be quiet and "lost" than mean and aggressive.

-- Michele Rae Padgett (, March 13, 2001.

My Polish Chicken was SO dumb that it jumped into a baby pool and drowned the night of my mother's birthday. And that was the first day she had had it to begin with!!! WHAT A RETARDED CHICKEN!!!! They are probably the UGLIEST things I've ever seen!!!! Ok, the last Padgett that wrote about how cute and darling and demure they were, was A RETARD TOO!!! By the way, they are DEFINATELY NOT related to me!!! Just to clear that up!! OK, BYE

-- Haley Carolina Padgett (, May 04, 2001.

Poor Haley!! And to think we may be related!!!The difference between us , obviously, is that I got a good Polish and you got the RETARDED one.

-- Michele Rae Padgett (, May 25, 2001.

Our Polish are excellent foragers and very hardy, they do great ranging and seem to steer clear of trouble, most of the time although sometimes the feathers do interfere with their vision (better than the Silkie though). They are average layers. I didn't think I'd like them but they have grown on me. Definitely something different for the flock. Ours are not show birds so the feathering isn't so extreme. We have black, sliver and gold.

-- Trisha-MN (, May 25, 2001.

I think they are cute!!!

-- Lawren Humphreys (, July 13, 2001.

I've had two Polish roosters; one was a Buff Lace my mother named "Goofus" who ended up being very aggressive and I had to find a home for him. I have a Silver Lace named Lucky; as he is lucky he wasn't killed by my other chickens. He had his head plucked so bloodly we didn't think he would make it. I keep him by himself and he is a very faithful crower; too much so. He does'nt really go "cockadoodledo" but more of an ""ankankank"" sound. They are definatly a conversation piece!!

-- Kathy Stimson (, July 18, 2001.

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