Oversea ballot delivery delay

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Why does it take so long to receive the ballots from overseas? Are they being brought back with the USS Cole?

-- just (a wonderin @bout.it all), November 10, 2000


Um, very uncool post. Moron.

-- (shh@aol.com), November 10, 2000.

I agree, I think it is highly suspicious. Wasn't there a deadline to have all absentee ballots in by sometime near when the election ended?

Is the Bush camp still overseas drumming up support from enlisted people who otherwise might not have even sent their ballots in?

-- (why@the.delay?), November 10, 2000.

ssh, you obviously misread or misinterpreted my meaning. I did not intend any dis-respect toward the sailors aboard and the sailors killed,but on the slow trip that the Cole is naturally taking back to port for repairs.

It would seem that even with the allowance for the military and others stationed abroad to send their ballots in to be counted, that surely the ballots could be collected and sent to the US a little faster.

-- just (wonderin @bout.it all), November 10, 2000.

just, forgive me for jumpin on ya like that.

I did get the impression you were referencing the Cole in a bad way.

My apologies.

I know for a fact that mail from ships abroad can take up to two weeks and even longer (hubby was in the Navy).

Agreed that with the 'state of things' as they are, you would think tptb would take into consideration but hey, its just an election. :-)

-- (shh@aol.com), November 10, 2000.

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