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Please critique

This picture was taken by Donna B.

-- Tommy (, November 10, 2000


Hi Donna,

The basic composition is nice, with the lines of the boat leading to the figure on the bow. The figure is blurred though.

Also ,the plank, the cardboard paper, the jumble of ropes/cloth...all these elements draw the eye due to their placement in a single straight line in the middle of the frame, and their being bright (in contrast to the dark red of the hull) distract from the subject.

If not for these, the lines of the edges of the boat leading to the subject, and the contrast between the dark red of the hull and the bright blue sky at the background would have made a strong picture.

-- Tommy Zablan (, November 10, 2000.

Tommy! are you blind!?!?

That's a black and white shot!!!!

-- whateveryousayiswrong (, November 10, 2000.

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