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I operate a small consultancy business, with profits, operating over the past 2 years. Wish now to extend it, adding people and technology. Have worked out a reasonable 5-year projection, showing revenues in Year 5 as $1.5 million with profits from Year 2 onwards, and cumulative cash flow at end Year 5 as $1.5 million. Need investment to make it happen. How could this revenue / profit stream be used to value the company today?

-- Gautam Sen Gupta (, November 09, 2000


The best advice I received regarding accounting is to talk to a qualified accountant because book-keepers are not necessarily accountants and the one thing I know I will never be is a qualified accountant. I don't know if these particular links will be of help but take a look and see if this is of interest to you.

Fast Company recently provided some investment links that may contain pertinent information you may be looking for at


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-- Mark Zorro (, November 11, 2000.

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