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Has anyone seen Battlebots on Comedy Central? I have. I like to see some people make their own radio controlled battlebots from piles of used or unused elevator parts & components such as Otis parts and components for example.

-- MATHEW H.E. BAILEY (, November 09, 2000


Robots from Elevator Parts

Thought not a Battlebot, I did make a robot for the Trinity Fire Fighting contest several years ago. 3/4" timing belts and pulleys make good treads and C/W rollers are idler wheels. I DID get permission to use these parts beforehand!!

I have watched this program a few times and enjoyed it, but these are not autonomous machines. R/C is a critch, PLC brains are the thing! Now THAT is a challenge. Bill

-- William P. Moffitt (, November 10, 2000.

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