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Most German Federal States this summer are enacting or have inacted laws preventing ownership of so called "fighting dogs".A fighting dog has been defined principally any breed over knee hight.(Think about how many breeds of dog fall into that definition..labs,retrievers,poodles,newfoundlands,etc)

Owners are having to submit their dogs(at no little expense) to a series of "aggression" tests which have been designed to be almost impossible to pass.If the dog fails it is put down.

Germany is pressing the European Community to enact similar laws to cover the whole of Europe.The British Kennel Club is so concerned that it has asked dog lovers EVERYWHERE to send a protest to the German Government.

I realise that this situation is not likely to occur in America but if you love dogs,please help .

My e-mail address is real and I will gladly send you further information about the situation and how to send a protest by e-mail about this slaughter.

Its truly horrific.

-- Chris (chris@griffenmill.com), November 09, 2000



Please read the dog thread above.This was sent in error as it shows the wrong e-mail address.

-- Chris (chris@griffenmill.com), November 09, 2000.

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