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I was just wondering out of the blue, if she's directing tonight's episode because I heard somewhere that she directed this week's or next week's West Wing, and since they're probably filmed around the same time as ER, and Kerry won't be in this one much (since Romano makes Benton take over the ER for the day since Kerry's not there), I thought maybe that was because she is directing it. The last one she wasn't in much (Be Still my Heart) she directed and she directed a West Wing right around that time too. It's nice to know one of the actresses is working with the competition. They're two great shows. Anyways, it was just a coincidence, so I thought I'd ask.

By the way, I cannot wait to see Benton trying to control the ER. Can you picture him? Esp. since he's so surgery fixated. And maybe finally we'll get to see him interact w/ Carter.

-- Elaine (, November 09, 2000


According to NBC, Laura is directing the Thanksgiving episode of West Wing which airs 11/22.

-- Brenda (, November 09, 2000.

She was gone for Be Still My Heart because she directed it. There was one episode last season where she didn't make an appearance because she was suspended (I can't remember which one) and that's the one she was directing The West Wing during.

-- Kat (, November 10, 2000.

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