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Non-citizens to Choose Next President Says U.S. Border Control P.R.Newswire, 11/9/2000 14:01

MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- "Whichever candidate wins the electoral vote in Florida and goes on to become President of the United States will have won his margin of victory by the votes of non-citizens and illegal aliens, voting in mass numbers in South Florida," charged Edward Nelson, President, U.S. Border Control.

"We have asked legal counsel for U.S. Border Control to review the Florida election results carefully to determine how a challenge can be made to the votes cast in certain Florida precincts in order to document once and for all the scope of voting by non-citizens."

"Thanks to the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as the Motor-Voter law, millions of non-citizens and illegal aliens are being invited to register to vote as they apply for their driver's licenses or welfare benefits."

"In Florida, as in most other states, the Motor Vehicle Department has been advised not to ask if applicants are citizens because this would somehow violate their civil rights. As a consequence, this 'don't ask -- don't tell' policy is wittingly or unwittingly handing out voter registration cards to tens of thousands of ineligible voters, more than enough to effect the results of a close election."

"Our efforts have absolutely nothing to do with helping one candidate or another win the election as we have no idea whom the non-citizens may have favored. Our interest is in defending the voting rights of American citizens whose votes are being canceled out by non-citizens."

Mr. Nelson continued: "We believe that the national average for non- citizen voting is about 2-4 percent with it spiking up to 10-15 percent in places like Dade County, Florida, and in major cities that have large current immigrant populations."

USBC Legal Counsel William J. Olson stated, "Arizona Congressman Bob Stump (R-AZ-3) has introduced legislation to repeal the Motor-Voter law as the best way to stop the process of registering non-citizens." (H.R. 38, 106th Congress)

In 1996, the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act" was enacted, confirming expressly what everyone already knew, that it was illegal for non-citizens to vote and made voting by non-citizens an offense punishable by deportation. Unfortunately, Congress failed to provide a mechanism by which state and local election officials could check on citizenship so that the law could be enforced.

A year later, Rep. Steve Horn (R-CA-38), observing a rapid increase in non-citizen voting, introduced the Voter Eligibility Verification Act that would have given voter registrars the ability to eliminate non-citizen voting. Although the bill was voted upon and received a majority of the votes cast, the Rules under which is was brought to the House floor required a two-thirds majority and so it failed to pass. (H.R. 1428, 105th Congress) (Voter Eligibility Verification Pilot Program Act of 1998, H.R. 3485, 105th Congress.)

Mr. Nelson said, "Unless American citizens don't mind the fact that their votes are being canceled out by the votes of illegal aliens and resident aliens, they should demand the immediate passage of both of these bills (motor-voter repeal and voter eligibility verification act)."

Additional information relevant to these issues follows.

Motor-Voter Fraud

According to the Wall Street Journal, "voter fraud has become a bigger problem since the 1993 federal Motor Voter law required states to allow people to register to vote when they get a driver's license; 47 states don't require any proof of U.S. residence for enrollment. Motor Voter has added some eight million people to the rolls...."

John Fund's Political Diary, Wall Street Journal, 10/23/00.

The Changing Florida Electorate

Data provided by the Florida Secretary of State demonstrate the efficiency of the Motor Voter Law in registering new voters. From 6.56 million registered voters in 1994, to 8.22 million voters in 1998, an increase of 25 percent.

At the same time, these data show more than a six-fold increase in the number of "other race" registered voters, from under 100,000 to over 650,000. (Florida's Registered voter data are reported in categories of white, black, and other -- including primarily Hispanic, but also Native American, Asian, and others -- with the category race not identified being added in 1996).

A comparison between the rate of growth of "other race" versus "white, black and unidentified race" voters during this four year period is even more stark. While "other race" voters increased 660 percent, 39 times faster than "white, black, and unidentified" race voters which increased only 17 percent.

No one knows how many of the 550,000 new "other race" voters were newly naturalized citizens under the "Citizenship USA" program of the Immigration and Naturalization Program, Al Gore's program to add more than 1 million immigrants to the U.S. voter roles in 1996. Indeed, Miami, Florida was one of the five cities specially targeted for "Citizenship USA."

On the other hand, no one knows how many of these same voters are not citizens at all, but non-citizens and even illegal aliens who were nevertheless were invited to register to vote by Florida motor vehicle and welfare state employees doing what they were required to do under the federal Motor Voter law.

Source: Florida Secretary of State's office

Deluge of Legal and Illegal Immigrants

* INS has naturalized more than 1.7 million resident aliens in the past

two years.

* 463,060 in GFY 1998;

* 872,427 in GFY 1999;

* 898,315 in GFY 2000.

* INS naturalized 1,044,869 new citizens in 1996.

* No fingerprint checks on 180,000 of the applicants.

* 80,000 had criminal records; 6,300 "had committed serious crimes."

* Number of resident aliens naturalized in 1990s increased four-fold over


* Since 1994, 1.6 million aliens have been naturalized in California


* Voter registration by Latinos has doubled in California since 1994.

* 1 million new Latino voters have registered in California since 1990.

* Chicago INS office holding 2 swearing-in ceremonies a day to

accommodate the crush of newly minted citizens -- 85,000 in Illinois in

past two years.

* Number of resident aliens naturalized annually in Washington State has

increased five-fold since 1991.

Walter Robinson, "Immigrant Voter Surge Seen Aiding Gore," Boston Globe, 11/4/2000, p. A01.

Politicization of Immigration and Naturalization Service ("INS")

* INS Deputy Commissioner Chris Sale pressured by National Performance

Review (Al Gore's vehicle for Reinventing Government) "to delegate

broad authority to the managers in "New York, Chicago, Miami, San

Francisco and Los Angeles. NPR official Doug Farbrother sent Mr. Sale a

fax reiterating how important this delegation was in order "to get the

results the Vice President wants. "In the fax he also commented, "I

need you or Doris (Meissner) to sign something like the attached,"

referring to a memo giving those INS district directors "full authority

to waive, suspend, or deviate from DOJ and INS nonstatutory policies,

regulations, and procedures provided you operate within the confines of

the law."

* On March 21, Elaine Kamarck in the Vice President's office sent an e-

mail to Farbrother saying, "THE PRESIDENT IS SICK OF THIS AND WANTS


MEASURES." (Emphasis original.) Farbrother responded, "I favor drastic


* In a March 26 e-mail to the Vice President, Farbrother reported that

Chris Sale had indeed "delegated hiring authority to the five cities

and increased their budgets by 20%." But, he wrote, "I still don't

think the city directors have enough freedom to do the job." (Emphasis


* By the end of March, Doris Meissner capitulated. In time, Newark, N.J.,

and Houston, Tex., would be added to the list of targeted cities, and

in all, more than a million aliens would be naturalized in time to vote

in the 1996 election.

* In our investigation we developed sources inside the INS with specific

knowledge of the facts who revealed that FBI arrest records that were

being sent to the Chicago INS office simply were not being inserted

into the aliens' files. As a result, aliens with criminal records were

being granted citizenship. Our sources also disclosed that, just prior

to the 1996 voter registration deadline, a box was discovered in the

Chicago INS office containing nearly 5,000 FBI arrest reports --

reports that had arrived on time but had been ignored.

* One criminal was actually in jail at the time he was naturalized.

David Schippers, Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment, Regnery Publishing Company, 2000. Link to excerpt from Sellout: exnews/20000828 xex schippers go.shtml

Eliciting Votes from Resident Aliens Using Government Databases

* A Guatemalan housekeeper has a daughter who just turned 18. The

immigration status of both mother and daughter has been pending for

years. Papers have been filed with the Immigration and Naturalization

Service. Hearings have been held. But they are not citizens. The

daughter has not registered to vote.

* The 18-year-old got a very attractively packaged "Dear friend" letter

from Bill Clinton, paid for by the California Democratic Party.

"Congratulations on your decision to register. Registering to vote is a

basic responsibility of citizenship that far too many people ignore.

"Now that you are registered ... Can I count on you to vote

Democratic on November 7th?

"Remember Your Vote is Your Voice.

"Sincerely, President Bill Clinton"

* Below that letter is a P.S. that explains, "Here is your personal Voter

Identification Card. Sign your name, then detach your card. Bring your

card with you to your polling place on Election Day. It will help your

voting go more smoothly."

* As my friend points out, only the U.S. government knows her age and

pending residency status, and, obviously her Latino background. How did

this information wind up in the partisan political hands of the

California Democratic Party? And what kind of impact will a mailing like this -- obviously utilizing a government database for political purposes -- have on the California legislative races? How widespread is this fraud?

Joseph Farah, "Voter Fraud, Again!" WorldNetDaily, November 7, 2000. SOURCE U.S. Border Control

-- K. (, November 09, 2000

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