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TAMPA, Fla. (AP) -- A judge jailed Darryl Strawberry for at least another week and told him to resume treatment for colon cancer as soon as possible "or you are history."

The former New York Yankees slugger was sentenced Thursday to 30 days, with credit for the 15 days he already has served.

With time served and other considerations of the Hillsborough County jail system, Strawberry could be free in about 10 days. An exact date was not set at the hearing.

Noting a doctor's testimony that Strawberry will die if he doesn't resume the chemotherapy he abandoned after being jailed, Judge Florence Foster told him to resume the treatments as soon as possible.

"You have got to get the therapy or you are history," she said.

Once out, Strawberry, who also is fighting a cocaine addiction, must return to a private substance-abuse treatment center where he had been serving house arrest for violating probation from a street-drug case.

He wound up in jail because he left the center, HealthCare Connections of Tampa Inc., in late October for a binge of cocaine and Xanax.

He is to wear an electronic monitor, and if he leaves again, the judge promised him prison.

"If you can't make it on the outside, I'll find a place where you can get treatment on the inside," she warned.

The judge also ordered Strawberry to undergo random drug tests three times a week and to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings held at the center.

Strawberry acknowledged his mistakes.

"I can't run from myself anymore," he told the judge. "I've got to take responsibility for myself in recovery."

The sentencing came less than a week after he told the same judge that he stopped chemotherapy for his cancer and used drugs because he'd lost his will to live.

Strawberry was arrested in October for violating his house arrested after he had a female friend pick him up at a Tampa drug treatment center for a binge of crack and Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug.

Strawberry returned to the center, an upscale facility that treats celebrities and professionals, about four hours later and admitted the violation.

Strawberry has been jailed since Oct. 25.

He has had a series of legal problems since the late 1980s and in 1998 was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Foster originally placed him on probation after a 1999 arrest for drug possession and soliciting a prostitute. But after his second probation violation in September, Foster sentenced Strawberry to two years' house arrest, which was being served at the treatment center.

Strawberry has a home in an exclusive gated community in north Tampa.

Hope the Cut & paste works out o.k.,


-- Someone (, November 09, 2000


Yea, it formatted reasonably well!


-- Someone (, November 09, 2000.

I'm not particularly sympathetic towards Strawberry. Except for the cancer, he's brought all his problems on himself in spite of being given chance after chance to clean up his act.

Strawberry chronology

-- CD (, November 09, 2000.


Yes, he did bring on his own drug problems. I was just thinking what a waste it was for someone who had so much to throw it all away.


-- Someone (, November 09, 2000.

Totally agree with ya, Frank. What a waste.

-- CD (, November 09, 2000.

How many kids does he have? A bunch. Would have been nice for "dad" to spend some time thinking about them rather than himself.

-- Carlos (, November 09, 2000.

I echo all of your sentiments here. Kind of hard to feel sorry for this schmuck; he had it all and they gave him what, three, four chances if not more. How many "regular joes/janes" would have that benefit?

I feel for his kids, though.

-- Patricia (, November 09, 2000.

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