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There's no more important topic than hot sauce. Here's a great web site dedicated to the art of searing one's insides while smiling (endorphins are fun).

Sam McGees Hot Sauces. It's a commercial site with which I've never dealt, but provides a wealth of information and a list of hot sauces as long as my fully elongated...Stanley tape measure.

My all-time favorite hot sauce - GREAT on buffalo wings - is Raging Inferno Tamarind Hot Sauce.



-- Bingo1 (, November 09, 2000


Here's My Favorite sauce in a bottle for wings, breakfast, and tacos...

Here's My 2nd Favorite sauce in a bottle for wings, breakfast, and tacos...

-- Uncle Bob (, November 09, 2000.

Bingo Bingo Bingo... Just exactly *what* does this have to do with politics and/or the election? Sheesh! Is it too difficult for you to type-up a simple little "OT" in your subject title? Consider yourself reprimanded Bingo. I certainly hope you've learned your lesson.

-- CD (, November 09, 2000.

I can usually handle it when the universe kicks me upside the head (thank you SIR, may I have another?). But when CD scolds me, well, I know I've f*cked up royally.

You don't hand out karmic reprimands, do you? I mean, shit, my toteboard is filled to overflow with demerits as it is.

-- Bingo1 (, November 09, 2000.


Life goes on...our world is obviously in a different orbit than yours. Lighten up a little.

-- Uncle Bob (, November 09, 2000.

Aw shucks, Bingo. Now ya went and made me feel all guilty for speakin' so harshly towards ya. Hey, I got an idea... Just like Gore recanted his concession call to Bush, I'll recant my reprimand of you. It'll be just as though nothin' happened. Consider it "takin' back". There... All's right with the world again. (Notice how I slipped in a political reference here? It was quite simple to do and serves to keep our forum "on topic". Just a helpful hint for you should you ponder posting "questionable" subject matter in the future my friend.)

By the way, I love hot hot sauce. Think I'll go check out that website you pointed us to. Thanks

-- CD (, November 09, 2000.

Lighten up a little.

Actually, CD was just yanking my chain, Uncle Bob.

And since it has been quite some time since my chain has been yanked...and because CD is SO GOOD at it...sigh...

-- Bingo1 (, November 09, 2000.

Uncle Bob- I thought you knew me well enough by now to realize I am rarely serious in this neighborhood. My "reprimand" to Bingo was posted with tongue firmly in cheek. Lighten up, Uncle. (Consider yourself reprimanded.)

By the way, I'm going to check out some of your Crystal's Hot Sauce if I can get ahold of some. Thanks for the tip.

-- CD (, November 09, 2000.

>> Just exactly *what* does this have to do with politics and/or the election? Sheesh! <<

Vote for your favorite hot sauce! There... now it's OK.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, November 09, 2000.

My vote (unless I read the ballot incorrectly) goes to . A little dab'll do ya. It also works well diluted in an atomizer and sprayed on the toilet paper in your boss' private bathroom. (Note: Don't try this at home. Come to think of it, you probably shouldn't try it at work, either.)

-- I'm Here, I'm There (
I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 09, 2000.

(mutter, mutter, damned HTML, mutter, mutter.....)

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 09, 2000.

(BTW, that messed-up link above goes to Dave's Insanity Sauce. I used to be pretty good at HTML. Really, I was.)

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 09, 2000.


I demand a recount of your repremands in Florida, Iowa, and Michigan...then I'll lighten up...

-- Unclb0b (, November 09, 2000.

This thread has been hijacked. You're all getting flames.


-- Chuck-e-CheEZ-Board (hmm@hmm.hmm), November 09, 2000.

From wings to Bloody Marys, Cholula from Mexico is THE hot sauce. A little glass bottle with a yellow label and a round wooden cap, ya can't miss it. OOoooooh it's so good!

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 09, 2000.

I have a bottle of Cholula in the fridge as we speak. I use it with my eggs. Never tried it in a Bloody Mary. Something to consider. Doesn't have the flavor I like with buffalo wings, though.

-- Bingo1 (, November 09, 2000.

For unseasoned wings I agree with you. I use it to bump up wing leftovers, add a smidge of vinegar will help. But I like Colulua, hell, I can sit there and eat Spicy Hot Doritos schmeared with a dap of Cholula while I watch the fighting in Palm Beach all nite long, LOL.

-- Uncle Deedah (, November 09, 2000.

Must have proof reader....must have proof reader...proof reader...uuuuuhhhhh uuuuummmmm....proof reader

-- Homer Simpson (, November 09, 2000.

JB's Hot Stuff

John's a good fella to do biz with and if ya haven't tried any of Daves Insanity Sauce,give it a whirl,but be CAREFUL!!!

-- capnfun (, November 09, 2000.

Thanks Bingo for the break from politics.

I personally like tabasco...On EVERYTHING ...okay just about. =)

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 09, 2000.

It isn't pretty being masochistic. You people are nuts.

That stuff BURNS!

-- Carlos (, November 09, 2000.

I'm with you on this one. I grow 19 or 20 varieties. Red Hab is the hottest and best tasting that I grow. I have some that are not named that came from a friend in Peru.

You might look at:

Pepper Institute, NMSU


Fire Girl Recipes


Home Page

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, November 09, 2000.

My wife gave me Dave's Chili Heads Survival Kit for my birthday, bless her. Comes in one of those old fashioned lunch boxes. My favorite was Dave's Hurtin' Habanero Sauce. It goes great with shredded beef. It makes even shepherds pie edible.

-- Spindoc' (spindoc@nolynchings.please), November 10, 2000.

Capn, that web site you linked to gets my award for the eyesore of the month. Good God! As much as I wanted to investigate further, everywhere I looked there's dancin' sentences, flames, thermometers. Yikes!

Course this hot sauce thread led my mouth to waterin' and I sorta experimented with a bloody mary or three last evenin', so my eyes aren't what you might call "fully adjusted" quite yet. I'll try again later on in the day.


-- Bingo1 (, November 10, 2000.

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