what is the srory line?

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what is the play hamlet actually about?

-- Yvette Lakin (vetsta@hotmail.com), November 09, 2000


The one word answer: LIFE

-- Natalie Weeks (gnatalie@netidea.com), June 13, 2001.

Right on!

-- mikken (mikken@neo.rr.com), June 16, 2001.

I once had to answer a similar question re LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST. Finally I realized the answer was in the title. So on the top level HAMLET is about a man, Hamlet; and I think the extra key is his line, "He was a man. Take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again." He's talking re his father, but he's his father's son. WS has brilliantly drawn the ideal yet very human Renaissance prince and man. Above all it is about the progress of H's thoughts, ideas and principles in relation to what goes on around

-- catherine england (catherineamer@hotmail.com), October 03, 2001.

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