"The Christmas Candy Calendar"

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I am looking for the simplified, ie. childrens' version of the Christmas song "The Christmas Candy Calendar". The lyrics contain the words: It's six pink peppermints til Christmas and there's lots and lots of things that we must do...etc. It was written by Robert Maxwell. If anyone has a copy or knows where I can purchase an original, I would greatly appreciate it. I am writing a Christmas Play for my third grade class which revolves around the lyrics of this song. I would need it by Thanksgiving 2000 if not sooner. Thank you very much for trying to help. Sincerely, "Mrs. Alger"

-- Ann Louise Alger (annlouisea@yahoo.com), November 08, 2000


christmas candy calendar

i am also looking for this song for our christmas program at the stone church child care center. please e-mail me if you had any luck finding this song. i have the sheet music but need an audio copy of it.

-- charissa (sessa5683@hotmail.com), September 19, 2001.

did you find this song?

We sang this song in the school choir 35 years ago and I almost remember all the words. Did you ever find the lyrics to this song?

-- Teresa Gintert (tmcgintert@aol.com), December 23, 2002.

Christmas Candy Calendar

Dear Teresa, Thank you very much for your inquiry. I was fortunate enought to find an original copy of Christmas Candy Calendar a used it as the basis for a Christmas play I wrote for my third grade class. If you'd ever like a copy, I could fax one to you. This version isn't too hard to play since its written for children. I also found a lady who had the song in SSAA but wasn't successful in getting a copy of that one. Thanks again for your concern. Sincerely, Ann Louise

-- Ann Louise Alger (annlouisea@yahoo.com), December 25, 2002.

Christmas Candy Calendar

Please forward the lyrics and music to me! Thanks you!

-- Mary Lynn (mkary@telusplanet.net), November 05, 2003.

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