I finally figured out what the W stands for...

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HA HA, loser troll!! HA HA!!

-- W stands for WHITEHOUSE (shubby@wins.you.are.aloser), November 08, 2000


HA HA HA HA!!!!! LOSER TROLL!!!! HA HA!!!!!!

-- HA HA (ha@ha.ha), November 08, 2000.

Hey J!

You must be more of a drunk than the shrub is, you can't even spell straight!

-- Lush Pimbaugh (more.shrub.jokes@to.come), November 08, 2000.

Lush Pimbaugh,

I don't drink, and I spell just fine.

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), November 08, 2000.

Who's "shubby"?

-- LOL (can't.spell@your.hero), November 08, 2000.

Ask the person who started this thread who "shubby" is.

You see, I don't post under various different handles, just my own.

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), November 08, 2000.

J is also known as Dennis J. Olson.

-- J=Dennis J. Olson (j@aka.dennis.olson), November 08, 2000.

"J is also known as Dennis J. Olson".

Only incorrectly in some misguided minds on this forum.

What's the matter? Does the thought of Republican control everywhere in Washington so infuriate you that you have to try and attack the messenger?

-- J (Y2J@home.comm), November 08, 2000.

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