I Was Wrong

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9:20 PST. However this washes out it certainly wasn't the walkaway for Bush I thought it would be.

I'm dissapointed. Were a much more narrowly focused people than a world leading nation can afford to be. The focus of course being on our own pocketbooks. Anyway, I was wrong.

If Gore should win is permitted to pick the crow before eating it?

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), November 07, 2000


Re: I Was Wrong

Carlos, whether or not you or I turn out to be "right" or "wrong" remains to be seen. At least we had the backbone to post with our normal handles from beginning to end. Unlike many other "stealthy" posters. Some of whom were vicious in name calling attacks.

We stand/stood and are/were counted. I am not ashamed.

-- Ain't Gonna Happen (Not Here Not@ever.com), November 07, 2000.

Fat Lady did not sing yet, kemosabe...

-- Uncle Bob (unclb0b@aol.com), November 07, 2000.

11:02 PM CDT Fat Lady did not sing yet, kemosabe...

No...as a matter of fact the second act is just starting. My boy George is looking strong, refreshed and ready to perform! For up to 8 years if the good lord is willing. :-)

-- Ain't Gonna Happen (Not Here Not@ever.com), November 08, 2000.

Ooops! shoulda been 11:02 CST

-- Ain't Gonna Happen (Not Here Not@ever.com), November 08, 2000.

Make that 8:20 PST. Havn't changed the damned clock yet. Maybe tomorrow.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), November 08, 2000.

I, too, thought that Bush would take more states than he did. I didn't think the blacks would get out to vote as strongly as they did. The big liberal states took control early.

If Gore should win, this country is in for a rocky ride. All I can say is that, the people deserve what they ask for. We'll go down the tubes fast; taxes will go up for most working class people (me), we'll return to a draft since no one will volunteer for military service, and the stock market will slowly decline with businesses failing around the country. Gore will make lots of mistakes. And with the house and senate so close, Gore will push through lots of liberal legislation. The people deserve what they ask for.

-- Maria (anon@ymous.com), November 08, 2000.

Carlos, What about me? lol...I predicted it would'nt be close, and see what we have. Its exciting, and I will now wait until the Florida recount before concluding who won. Like aint gonna happen says, some of us posted using recognizable names, most didn't. I basically ignore the nameshifters.

-- David (David@bzn.com), November 08, 2000.

Aren't you the nameshifter that posts as David and Factfinder? It takes one to know one! ;-)

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 08, 2000.

Hey! I did NOT post that! Stupid troll

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 08, 2000.

ps...I never make that face. DUH

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), November 08, 2000.

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