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My Great-Grandmother (and my grandparents still) talk about a commuter train that ran over the Central from Atlanta to Jonesboro called the "Dummy." I believe they called it that because no one considered it a "real" train due to its size. From what my Grandad says, the train would back to Jonesboro in the morning and leave for Atlanta facing north. She would then turn in Atlanta and go to Jonesboro in the evening facing South. I have a picture from the twenties that shows what appears to be a 4-4-0 or 4-6-0 on the point. Does anyone know anything else about this train, specifically waht kind of power was used and when what years it was in operation?

-- Andrew Durden (, November 07, 2000


Also, the former (1887-1915) Flovilla and Indian springs railroad operated a steam engine called "The Dummy". I have an old postcard with a picture of the engine and a couple of cars heading to the Indian Springs state park. (This was supposed to be "The most colorful steam engine in railroad history") Interestingly, in the probate judge's office in the Butts county courthouse, an old map of Butts county shows the route of this former line, along with the Georgia power line from Jackson to Jackson lake long, long ago, when they were building the dam. On the F&ISRR, you can still see some parts of roadbed, old spikes, etc. in some hidden places.

-- Elton R. (, March 10, 2002.

Another 'Dummy' (gas operated car) ran from the Atlanta Transit Co bus connection at College Park south to Fairburn on the A&WP RR. This service ended after ATC bus routes were extended to Fairburn (and Palmetto) via the Roosevelt Highway. (US 29)

-- Greg Hodges (, November 10, 2000.

Prince's C of Ga book has some info on this. If you don't have access to one I'll be glad to look it up for you.

-- Riley Kinney (, November 08, 2000.

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