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I think that one of the actresses that I am directing is certaifiably insane. She certainly is incapable of being influenced by anything that people say in order to change her behaviour in any way. Who is the craziest person that you know?

-- Kymm Zuckert (, November 07, 2000


well i'm not sure that its really fair for me to answer this, because, as i've mentioned before, i'm a librarian, and it's a little known fact that lots of not only certifiable, but actually certified, people come to public libraries. so i've had regular patrons who were,to put it mildly, quite a bit beyond the pale of normality. the one who first comes to mind was marcus, who wore the most _interesting_ cloths (like bermuda shorts in the middle of winter), carried a rake (we made him leave it outside), giggled a lot, and made the weirdest phone calls on our payphone. then there was carlos, who, i suspect, spent most of his life drunk in order to try and drown out voices in his head. _he_ was scary. then there was jay, who was pretty much ok as long as he took his meds... i no longer work at the branch library where they hung out. i'm quite happy bout that, though i'm sure i'll soon meet some here, too.

-- nicole (, November 08, 2000.

At my first real job we had a secretary who treated everyone hostilely and who wore flip flops without socks in the snow. We spent a lot of time trying to identify mental health services for her but finally she got fired for threatening the office manager with a letter opener. Of course, given the personality of the office manager, it might have been crazy NOT to threaten her with a sharp instrument. Catch 22.

-- Jon Arthur (, November 08, 2000.

Although most of my friends would vote me as the craziest person they know, I'm going to have to vote for my SO's best friend, Josh. He's the only person who will engage me in slow motion chase scenes in the middle of minor upstate NY cities, shout "Pagliaglig!" as we cross streets, decide that ugly sequened dresses are a necessity, etc. Of course, if my SO knew about half the stuff he and I do when he's not around, he's stop talking to both of us. He's a bit uptight. ;)

-- Delirium (, November 08, 2000.

I have this theory that there are two types of people in this world...There are those of us who are just your ordinary garden type Demented and then the other half are those who are DEMENTED AND WANTS TO SHARE. For example you and I in our more lucid moments of Dementia Do what needs to be Done-Said-Worked out to a reasonable degree of satisfaction for all envolved... and then here we have enter stage off-center Insane actress who can only do what doesn't need to be Done-Said-Worked out to any logical degree of satisfaction for those envolved or not envolved. For Insane actress in the I-Got- To- Pee episode it was out of her realm of Dementia to be able to Know it was time Pee...she needed to share the fact that her Dementia need to be shown and bring someone along on her trip through time and space...I guess she believed you needed to go along for a ride to LA- LA so that you could get your I'm ZANY button too. If you really thought about it you needed to go on that trip so that you can forget Yourself (just for a moment)so that you could find Your focal point, pull yourself together and regroup. (Thank goodness for those who want to share!)

-- Money4Nothing (, November 16, 2000.

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