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Final Poll Results Gallup Nov.5, 6 (2 day) Final Poll: Bush 48, Gore 46, Nader 4, Buchanan 1, Others 1. Gallup has "assigned" the undecided vote in their final survey:

Rasmussen POA Final Poll 11/4,5,6: Bush 49, Gore 40, Nader 4, Buchanan 1, Others 1. Rasmussen has NOT assigned the undecided vote which was 5% in the final poll (this is the "soft vote", somewhat unlikely to vote according to some pollsters):

Zogby: Not sure if this is their final poll (was released yesterday, I( see no change this am) 11/6: Gore 48, Bush 46, Nader 4, Buchanan 1. Zogby has undecided vote shrinking over last few days to NO undecided vote in their last two poll releases. They may also be "assigning" the soft vote: will release their latest poll at 9am per the website (Battleground poll link is at left).

-- David (, November 07, 2000


bold off.

-- David (, November 07, 2000.

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