"We report, You decide" OR "How the scuMedia silently breaks balls"

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"We report, you decide"

ABC's Mark Burstein told us they'd report Harry Browne's vote totals only if he was the margin of difference between Bush and Gore.

NBC's Bill Wheatley told us, right up to the last minute, that they hadn't decided how, or if, they would report Harry Browne's vote total.

CBS's Al Ortiz didn't return our phone calls.

CNN threw up roadblocks to even finding out who was responsible for the on-screen reporting decision. That's hardly surprising and we'll be stunned if they report Browne's totals. CNN and Gallup have colluded to keep Harry Browne out of their polling -- even when it was obvious he was even or ahead of Pat Buchanan.

FOX has been a breath of fresh air. The Fox News Channel has had Harry Browne on more than 15 times already. They've aired two of our campaign commercials as well. FOX has a slogan, "We report, you decide."

They've lived up to this motto, and that decision has come straight from the top of their organization. As they report the vote totals, they will continue to live up to this philosophy.

FOX will report Harry Browne's vote totals on their broadcast channel and the Fox News Network.

We had thought about asking you, our wonderful supporters, to call the folks who run the biased networks, but on this occasion we're asking you not to. There is little to be gained by flexing our muscle at this point, plus we could leave a bad taste with network staff people deluged with phone calls for decisions they were not responsible for. So we're letting the market decide (that's pretty libertarian of us).

This email list has over 17,000 subscribers. But today, it has a couple of extra readers -- Mark Burstein, Bill Wheatley, Al Ortiz, plus executives from ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN.

We want them to know we're encouraging you to turn their networks off -- and turn on the network that reports and let's YOU decide. Tuesday night we hope you'll tune in to FOX broadcast or Fox News Channel. -- Jim Babka, Press Secretary

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), November 07, 2000

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