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Does anyone have an update on the rebuilding of the S line from Norlina to Petersburg? Most of the info from former questions is outdated. The NCDOT seems to be tight-lipped. I received no response from an email. Thanks in advance.

-- Tim Noser (, November 06, 2000


Hi Tim and Lee,

We at NCDOT working on the SEHSR project are not tight-lipped. It is simply a matter of how the Federally mandated environmental planning process works. Until the whole project is completed and all impacts are disclosed, no one know which way the line will go. A massive amount of work is going into this project, and it will be several more months before we have a good indication of which of the NINE alternative ways to go will be selected. The S-line is still under consideration of course.

Something that can move things along faster on the construction side is the possibility of big money coming from the federal government in the next year if it passes the politicians. It does not look like a long shot either. Of course that all will follow the environmental process.

I hope this helps! Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, November 07, 2000.

Right now, nothing is going on in the building stages. Right now, they are doing an environmental study along the corridor. That should be over by the end of 2001/spring 2002. Check for info and there is a link to High-Speed rail site as well. Right now in Wake Forest, they are doing studies on which crossings to close, and there was a very heated debate on several of them. I doubt the line will see an increase in traffic until probably 2010. Does anybody else have any other info to add?

~Lee Bright CSX S-Line- MP 140.78 Wake Forest, NC

-- Lee Bright (, November 07, 2000.

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