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It is ironic. I live in town, can hardly get AM or FM reception, but my friend out in the sticks is relaying stories I couldn't get even if the radio was working. From short wave she relates that the Ohio river is considered lost(by some accounts)as a result of a spill of 250 million gallons of coal sludge containing mercury, arsenic, etc. FEMA handing out water in four states,schools closed. I haven't heard anything about it other than her report. Anyone else? Also, around the same time (Oct. 11th) uranium was reported spilling into the Colorado River at the rate of 6.7 gallons per minute. Lastly, deer and elk reported dropping dead in the west from a variant of "mad cow disease". She's looking for corroboration on any of these stories and I would likewise be interested to know more, either vailidating or refuting these reports.

-- John Fritz (, November 06, 2000


Coal slurry spill in KY is accurate.I live abt. 2 hours away.I have not seen it, but a friend drove over the Big Sandy river on the border of KY & WV,and he told us it was black from bank to bank.My friend's husband works for surface mine safety and they are working day and night on it.

We have been told that if it had occurred anywhere else but in a unpopulated place ,it would have gotten much more attention as a national's supposed to be worse than the valdez oil spill

-- sharon wt (, November 06, 2000.

The uranium residue is from an old mining tailings dump in Utah. Uranium tailings have been leaching into the surface water in the four corners area for years. Water goes to California to grow vegies and other things (some for water to central Arizona {CAP project}) for national winter time consumption. Not heard of anyone glowing in the dark -- yet. Both stories have been on the WEB for a couple of weeks or more.

-- JLS (, November 06, 2000.

John, try visiting for your news, I believe they reported on both of those events. Annie in SE OH.

-- Annie Miller (, November 06, 2000.

I like to keep up with the news from various sources given on the Drudge Report at I usually use the AP News Wire "Breaking Headlines" source. Reuters Odd is good for a laugh. I also like to listen to the BBC. I also like to check out the Quake Sheet to see where all of the earthquakes have struck. Remember that quakes can be deep but minor even with a pretty heafty magnitude.

John, you may wish to listen to radio through your computer. Many stations are available from all over the world, and often local ones too.

-- Notforprint (, November 06, 2000.

Photos of the slurry spill are on the website The are at the bottom of the page. Be advised that this is a militia site and may cause the government to take additional interest in your web activities.

-- Green (, November 07, 2000.

Green, the government is interested in homesteading? I guess it could be a subversive activity. Wait until the vegetables riot!LOL!I have heard something about deer getting mad cow disease, but I think they said it was from people feeding them the same stuff as they feed cattle. World Net Daily has a lot of news before it reaches mainstream media. The BBC has also been reporting massive flooding in England. Catastrophes are common place now.

-- Nolo (, November 08, 2000.

Don't know about the first questions, but as my husband is a hunter and we live in Colorado, we keep up on the "Wasting Disease" referred to as "mad cow disease" in the deer and elk. It isn't exactly the same thing, and they aren't dropping dead, there have been about 200 known cases through the years across the entire state, and they (the Department of Wildlife) are saying it by no means is an epidemic, but they are monitoring it. Nothing to worry about yet, not contagious to humans, etc. Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, November 13, 2000.

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