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Does anyone have any info on the line from Omaha, Georiga (south of Columbus) to Lumpkin, Ga. and beyond being reopened?

I noticed that the lines had been completely cleared west to the river approximatley 6 weeks ago.

-- Dover Cracker (, November 06, 2000


Does anyone have an updated status to this track segment? I drove through Preston, Georgia on business last week and the tracks still seemed rusty and overgrown.

-- Eric Rickert (, July 22, 2002.

Hey,Guys-If they do with Mahrt/Richland/Omaha what they have done with the Abbeville area trackage, we may be looking at a real railroad here. We made family trips through Abbeville for years and I'd always look down as we passed by, hoping to see a train...Train? I'd always just see tracks-no cars, no nothing. I, too, surfed over to the HOG site and learned they were once again running through Abbeville. Since the Georgia Southwestern had practically abandoned east of Rochelle, I'd given up hope of ever seeing anything around Abbe. I told myself I'd go check things out next trip to Macon, so I did about two weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw not only tracks again but a little yard-full of hoppers! It's nice to see little "bringing back the past" things like that happen and to dwell on them every now and then. Heaven knows we've seen enough tragedy this week.

-- Bud Leggett (, September 14, 2001.

The ex-Seaboard Air Line Montgomery route from Mahrt, Al to Preston, Ga is now owned by Georgia DOT, who I assume is funding to rehabilitate the line in order to preserve rail service to Stewart and Webster counties. Service on this line will be provided by the Heart of Georgia Railroad, which currently operates the Preston- Vidalia segment of this same route. According to the Heart of Georgia RR's website,, service will resume in the summer of 2002.

-- Eric Rickert (, July 07, 2001.

I was through there just after the first of the year and noticed the same thing. Weeds and vegetation have been cut but there was still asphalt over the rails at some crossings indicating that no train had passed over. I heard from another railfan that operations were to start soon with service to the paper mill at Mahrt being the reason for opening the line. I'll try and watch it and if I see evidence of activity, I'll post it here. By the way, Richland GA is rather pitiful looking. The former crossing of the Savannah/Montgomery line and the Bainbridge/Columbus line looks like a town long forgotten by the rails. Maybe activity will resume soon.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, January 28, 2001.

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