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Communist Party USA supporting Gore

By Jon E. Dougherty B) 2000

The Communist Party USA has decided to come out solidly in favor of Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore, even though party officials still have reservations about the vice president and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn.

According to a statement released yesterday, the CPUSA -- "an independent voice of the left" -- said while "in general we do not endorse candidates of other parties ... we think the Bush/Cheney ticket represents a new threat to democracy and the well-being of working families."

Even though CPUSA leaders said, "We have major differences with the Gore /Leiberman (sic) ticket," a victory by GOP nominee George W. Bush and his running mate, former defense secretary Dick Cheney, would "set back labor's rights, civil rights and women's right to choose."

"If they win," the statement said, "Social Security, our public schools, the environment and all government programs aimed to help the poor will be in great jeopardy."

"That is why, like most of the labor movement, civil rights and women's, environmental, gay and lesbians organizations, we are calling for an all-out effort to defeat the Republican right at the polls on Nov. 7," said the Communist Party.

"Our approach is not 'love Gore/Lieberman' but rather 'No Son of a Bush' in the White House."

The party leadership statement also lashed out at Green Party nominee Ralph Nader for ostensibly taking votes away from Gore.

"While we agree with many things he says, if he helps Bush win, he is placing his own party's advancement against the future well-being of millions of working families," the statement said.

In addition, leaders promised more potential Communist office holders.

"In future elections we intend to dramatically increase the number of Communists running and being elected to public office," the statement said, because the CPUSA believes "that people come before profits and that human needs should take priority over corporate greed.

"As a revolutionary working-class party, we remain committed to the goal of Bill of Rights Socialism," leaders said.

Besides making political statements, the CPUSA also publishes a weekly newspaper, "The People's Weekly World," and "Political Affairs," a "theoretical journal" for the party.

Jon E. Dougherty is a staff reporter for WorldNetDaily.

-- Uncle Bob (, November 06, 2000


Hell,they might as well go ahead and endorse the shrub while they're at it,ain't no difference to speak of.

-- capnfun (, November 06, 2000.

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