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I have an old Ansco camera that was my parents. When I received this camera it still had a roll of unexposed film in it with all but a couple of shots exposed. Does any one know the best developing times for this film. Speed seems to be 50-64. Will be using d-76 developer.


-- Kevin B. Finigan (, November 06, 2000


If it wasn't stored in a refridgerator for all those years, I'd just throw it out, if your parents can't remember what was on the film, then it probably wasn't worth taking a picture in the first place, I was in a similar situation a while ago with a few rolls of old TMX 100 and they were ONLY (I was 15 back then) like 7 years old, the result was negatives that had no image on them, (I've had old color films come out after all those years with the usual 60's blob effect though) waste of my chems, and time...

sorry bout the negativity, I just feel the 25+ minutes spent developing the film could be better spent reading, or playing with your dog, or something else...

-- Jason Tuck (, November 18, 2000.

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